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Hi everyone,


Colin, IMO, the rack rate is nearly always negotiable. It's a very nice place in the middle of nowhere, and I wouldn't pay that much in WA DC, let alone Nicaragua!


Paul, it IS San Juan del Norte, and enough like Tortuguero -- and Tortuguero, IMO, has more of interest than San Juan del Norte -- that had this not required a border run, I'd have much preferred to spend my $ in CR.


Carol, you only paid $4. Each of us got to pay $15 + $1 upon entering, and another $20 when we left. On the other hand, if that airport/passport control agency have to be more or less self-supporting, I can understand the fees. If we're so lucky that we have our approval for cedulas after 15 months**, we won't have to do another border run, but, otherwise, we'll look at the Los Chiles trip. Sounds like fun!


regards to all,



**Mark, if you read this, when did you apply? (We applied in agosto, 2012)


ps: and I am so glad to be back in CR!

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I just posted our border trip (Los Chiles to San Carlos, Nicaragua) on "3 month rule in Residency and Citizenship in Costa Rica" Our total cost was $65.00 per person.
$1.20 Los Chiles Dock Fee ??
$28.00 Round Trip Public Boat.
$14.00 Enter & Exit Nicaragua Fee
$14.00 Lunch w/ 2 Beers
$8.00 Shared Gas Cost.


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Good job Ron. I had to make the run to keep my drivers license in tact. I had no issues with immigration officials on either side, in fact the CR guy said "see you tonight", he knew I was not going to stay out of CR for 72 hours!


Did you have any issues with the border guards? Where is your 2 warnings posted, which thread?

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Thanks Tatty21.

The 2 warnings are posted under "3 month rule" dated Sept. 25,2013 under "Residency & Immigration". To view you need to have your Forums on left column set to 60 days. Once you find "3 month rule" it is Post #48 on page 4. The long & short was

Warning 1: "when is boat leaving ? ans. 1:00pm. It left at 12:30pm."

Warning 2: "went to window, got 60 days stamp- all others in group got 90 days" No explanation !

My most recent run was Dec.11 and the summary is posted "Final Los Chilies Border Run" under "General"

Happy New Year and I hope Costa Rica is proving to be everything you dreamed of.


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