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Websters Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary - (MF Hypocrite, Bigot) (1661) : one obstinately or intolerably devoted to his own opinions and prejudices Hypocrite - one who affects virtues or qualities he does not have: DISSEMBLER Now, I do not hate, nor am I out for revenge - therefore, having taken the oath of allegiance to the United States of America, and having sworn to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, just like the ladies Marine husband, and all those veterans who have sworn to lay down OUR/THEIR lives if necessary towards that end, and all those who have paid with their lives for their right be BIGOTS, I salute BIGOTS. I salute BIGOTS like Washington/Jefferson/Eisenhower/Patton/ MacArthur The fact that I am retired from the US Armed Forces means that that oath is still valid, just as all other retired veterans, no matter the branch of service!! For those of you still confused, I'll let you struggle with the fact that I am NOT a HYPOCRITE! By the way if the ladies husband is still alive I would be honored to take him to dinner, all expenses paid!! Furthermore, as an American, and firm believer in that most sacred document, the CONSTITUTION, AND and being a BIGOT, I would defend to the death your absolute right to mislabel me with whatever label you would care to put on me!!!!!!!!!!

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WELL, WELL, WELL -looky here...................


The American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) has invited American motorcycle enthusiasts to join the Million American March Against Fear in Washington, DC this September 11th.

In a prepared statement AMPAC organizers wrote:

“We are pleased to hear that Mr. Bill Williamson is organizing thousands of bikers to join us and other patriotic Americans of all colors, creeds, and modes of transportation in Washington, DC on September 11th, 2013.

“Bikers are especially welcome to join us in celebrating freedom, defending the Constitution, and rejecting the politics of fear. American bikers are a living symbol of freedom, patriotism, and fearlessness. While many Americans have spent the past twelve years cowed by a statistically insignificant ‘terrorist threat,’ bikers have continued to roar down the American road, boldly proclaiming their Constitutional liberties and their freedom to ride. Bikers, unlike airline passengers, will never submit to TSA groping and virtual strip searches. They are a perfect symbol of the fearlessness and love of the Bill of Rights that the Million American March represents.”

The organizers of the Million American March Against Fear said they will be making a special effort to accommodate motorcyclists in the march. “We are already preparing banners saying ‘Welcome, bikers,’ ‘Bikers reject fear,’ ‘Bikers defend our freedom,’ ‘Bikers against drones,’ ‘Bikers against NSA spying,’ ‘Bikers for the 4th Amendment,’ ‘Bikers against banksters,’ ‘Bikers against warrantless searches,’ ‘Bikers against treason,’ ‘Bikers for liberty,’ ‘Bikers for 9/11 truth,’ and other motorcyclist-friendly patriotic slogans,” AMPAC said.

The AMPAC organizers said they hoped that many other American groups would follow the bikers’ lead and join the Million American March Against Fear:

“We are all Americans, and we all support the Constitution against the horrific attacks it has suffered since 9/11 launched the era of the politics of fear. We all support the Bill of Rights, and the liberties it enshrines, for ALL Americans. That is what the Million American March is all about: Freedom. Whatever your race, color, creed, lifestyle, or political affiliation, please join us in Washington DC on September 11th, 2013 to reject the politics of fear and support the Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines.”


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Obviously the American Muslim Political Action Committee are in consonance with my attitude concerning BIGOTS! Those of you who attack Americans who believe in our Constitution, and the American way, and are attacking the American way of life and anyone who supports it/believes in it should be ashamed of themselves NUFF SAID

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I must beg to differ with you on this.


The term 'expat' often gets misconstrued as a shortened form for two separate words: 'epatriot' and 'expatriate'


Expatriot means one who has renounced his homeland.


Expatriate means one who resides outside his native country.


Those of us who have obtained residency in Costa Rica, for instance, and live there are expatriates. Personally, I am definitely not an expatriot.


Hope that clarifies.


Paul M.


So if I understand you correctly then, it’s possible to be an “ex” patriot while living in your own homeland, having never moved away provided that you were a patriot at one time and are not now?


And, it would also be true therefore that if one never was a patriot to his homeland in the first place then he/she could never become an ex-patriot. Perhaps the term in that case would be non-patriot?


And if you are of New England but never a “patriot” are you a New England non-Patriot? And then if you leave New England to live in Costa Rica then you’d be an Ex-New England non-Patriot Expatriate?


And if… Wait, were was I…?

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