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Saw Oliver North interviewed on FOX NEWS yesterday - I've seen fear in people before - saw it again in the Colonels eyes!!!!!!!!


Hello Newman,


You do not clearly indicate exactly what Oliver North was being interviewed about on FOX. How come?


That there was 'fear in the colonel's eyes' sounds to me like nothing more than your own personal opinion.


This post of yours is an example of why you really ought to provide a link to what you are quoting or writing about so those interested Forums members can easily go to the site to see and understand for themselves the content and not just have to take your word for it.


Other Forums members take the time to provide links as a reference, and so should you. Doing so will surely strengthen your credibility.




Paul M.






No dad pábulo a los duendes . . .

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He was being interviewed on FOX NEWS and they were discussing the situation in Syria and he talked about a wide ranging scenarios of what could happen if we attacked Syria -, Try the FOX news website and see if they have something on it - of course, "fear in another persons eyes" is a personal opinión - be advised that I have advised "My Darling wife"- to get back to the Midwest with her brothers - that way maybe she can survive if we are hit with a pre-emptive strike by the Soviet Unión - I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis - everyone, and I mean everyone was scared as hell!!!!! This situation is much worse, as we (the US) have shown weakness in the face of agression!!!!!!

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finally got to FOX NEWS site, they have no video strips of Col. Norths interview - As to the Soviet Unión - The Soviet Unión was, is and all ways shall be a label - the Communist Revolution and idea still exists in the hearts and minds of those individuals like Mr. Putin. Being hard line KGB he doesn't care about you, me or the human race - his only purpose is the Revolution, and the survival of the Revolution as long as the idea of Communism, and the precepts of Communism live in the minds of men like Mr. Putin, you, I, and all those freedom loving people in the world are at risk!

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You realize, do you not, that the United States has the world's largest and most lethal arsenal of nuclear weapons and it is we, not anyone else, who have ever actually unleashed one (well, two actually). Putin may rattle his sword, but he's hardly about to initiate a nuclear conflagration that would annihilate him along with the rest of the world's living creatures over a matter as insignificant as Syria.


The midwest can be pleasant this time of year, but if you think it's a survivable location in the event of a nuclear exchange among the superpowers, you are clearly deluding yourself. The most a midwesterner could hope for is a few days before the radiation and fallout turn him or her extra crispy. If ever there were a situation in which the saying, "You can run but you cannot hide." is applicable, this is it.


So sit back and watch your worst fears not come to pass.


And find something else to obsess about. Space invaders comes to mind.

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The location in the Midwest that I refer to is peppered with caves in which one could survive - additionally, Putin and his legion of cohorts have, I'm sure have their own survival bunkers, just as our president and esteemed politians have............

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Uh huh, so your plan is for your wife to revert to a Neanderthal lifestyle except that everything she comes into contact with, including the dust in the air that she breathes, the water that she drinks, anything she eats, and anything she touches will be radioactively contaminated for thousands of years. Can she hold her breath that long?


That is your plan??

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