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New York Daily News - 2 customs inspectors overcome by possible VX gas after opening package at JFK airport - preliminary tests indicate VX - further testing underway to verify the source as VX - occurred couple of hours ago


New York (CNN) -- Two workers at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport post office were exposed to phosphoric acid Sunday from a package that originated from China, a law enforcement official said.

The package was identified after workers smelled an odor emanating from it, the official said.

A hazardous response team from the FBI responded to the airport "out of an abundance of caution," said Peter Donald, a spokesman for the FBI in New York.

The product was identified as organophosphate and secured by Port Authority police. The package was contained to the post office, and airport operations were not affected, the official said.

Donald said the package "was determined to be beauty supplies."

Another one bites the dust. Next, please.

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everyone may want to consider getting atropine injectors along with 2 pam chloride injectors see http://patientsville.com keep some around the house, and in your bug out bag, if you have one - remember that nerve gas and arsenicals are heavier than air, so if you think an attack has possibly happened, get on top of your/a car, climb a tree, or get to a second story floor of a building and remember if it's snowing outside and you smell geraniums or fruit, you automatically know that "your (bad Word) is weak"............ by the way, if you start twitching, it's already too late!!!!!!

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newman, what's involved in importing atropine injectors and 2 pam chloride injectors into Costa Rica? Physicians' prescriptions? Import licenses? And will the Correo, Aerocasillas and the like handle them? Or are they domestically available?


And what are the costs?


And what are the shelf lives?


And where in Costa Rica is it likely to be snowing when all this happens?

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This thread has been obscenely entertaining! Whenever I check into the forums, if there's been a new posting here I have to read it first. tin foil hats ... nerve gas ... dithering GPSes ... not to mention the NY Daily News ... and zithers!

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snow occurs on the Cerro de la Muerte, the highest point on the Pan American highway, just North of the town of San Isidro - I have absolutely no idea what is involved in importing or purchasing injectors - I would suggest that you check with your personal physician - and to those of you who may find my posts "obscenely entertaining", may I suggest that those monsters who inhabit this world (of who I highly disapprove their very existence) are in no way amused by any of these discussions, as they are DEADLY SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!

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no, I plan on using the time proven life saving technique, climb a tree, get on top of a vehicle, etc. When all hell breaks loose, its going to be every man for himself - why would you need me? I'm simply a retired, broken down old "feather merchant" with limited funds/resources..............

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So, newman, can one fashion one's own pam chloride injectors from locally available Pam non-stick cooking spray? If yes, what's involved?


I'm with Dana on this one . . . When the inevitable (according to some) happens, my options will be to find a low spot and practice my deep breathing exercises or, if there's time, to turn and face the flash.

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