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Very helpful, Newman, thanks.


However, when I did a search on Wikipedia for SKY KING - I came up with a page of results on the tv/radio show, airplanes, airport, etc and nothing on any emergency notification system or anything like it.


I guess I will just give up now trying to understand what you are writing about. Anyway - if things are as bad as you say, then what are we to do about it?


Mmmmmmmm I think I will just concentrate on the smell of newly-mown grass from the "gang" cutting the grass at the nearby high school. One of life's great pleasures.

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No, I'm not signed up for anything - I just do my homework - the situation in the Mideast is the most dangerous I have ever seen it - with Israel wanting to attack Iran, the Soviet Unión involved in it warning the US stay out of it, this could very easily go nuclear - the high increase in SKY KING traffic indicates the seriousness - a distinct possibility exists that we could be in a thermo nuclear war within days - an Elecromagnetic Pulse from a nuclear detonation would destroy a vast amount of our electronic communication, transportation systems, fuel supplies etc.

That's how it could affect us all


Does this mean that the internet will be down?


Maybe this forum needs to develop a pony express backup plan.



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More bad news for newman...


Interpol has issued a global alert following the prison escapes of hundreds of terrorists. I imaging that most of the escapees are now making their way to Samoa where they will be able to operate with no government interference all the while gorging themselves on American fast food and chasing the plump island women. ;^)


LYON, France – Following a series of prison escapes across nine INTERPOL member countries in the past month alone, including in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan, the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters has issued a global security alert advising increased vigilance.


With suspected Al Qaeda involvement in several of the breakouts which led to the escape of hundreds of terrorists and other criminals, the INTERPOL alert requests the Organization’s 190 member countries’ assistance in order to determine whether any of these recent events are coordinated or linked.


INTERPOL is asking its member countries to closely follow and swiftly process any information linked to these events and the escaped prisoners. They are also requested to alert the relevant member country and INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters if any escaped terrorist is located or intelligence developed which could help prevent another terrorist attack.


Staff at INTERPOL’s 24-hour Command and Coordination Centre and other specialized units are also prioritizing all information and intelligence in relation to the breakouts or terrorist plots in order to immediately inform relevant member countries of any updates.


August is the anniversary of violent terrorist incidents in Mumbai, India and Gluboky, Russia as well as in Jakarta, Indonesia. This week also marks the 15th anniversary of the US Embassy bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in which more than 200 mostly African citizens were killed and 4,000 others injured.


In recent years, terrorist attacks focusing on diplomatic facilities in Afghanistan, Greece, India, Kenya, Libya, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey and Yemen have also resulted in hundreds of casualties of all nationalities.


The US State Department has also issued a global travel alert in response to credible intelligence suggesting that Al-Qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks between now and 31 August, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to the US authorities announcing the one-day closure of more than 20 diplomatic missions on Sunday 4 August, the UK Foreign Office has also confirmed the closure of the British embassy in Yemen on 4 and 5 August.

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a combined Russian battle group consisting of units of their Northern and Black Sea units, headded by the missile cruiser Moscow, is in the Carribean headed to Cuba, and Nicaragua - reported jamming of the HF frequencies used for command and control of US nuclear forces - I'm just passing along the information I come upon - I make no judgements on the accuracy of these ongoing events!

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Hello Newman,


If you are going to pass along information such at this which you 'come upon', and whether you make judgments upon that information or no... then please at least do us the courtesy of providing your source for the information so we can go to it and read thru it for ourselves if we choose.


Much Appreciated,


Paul M.

Forums Moderator


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GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS - COMPIRACY FORUMS - they had a blog ongoing from the past three days or so concerning the flurry of SKY KING messages - they even had some guys with spectrum analyzer analysis of some signalsm and some thought that jamming had been occurring - however, strangely, I now, at this time of the evening, cannot find the blog on the 13 pages of the site - maybe I missed it - however, as strange as some of the topics on this sight, (and lot of strange BS exists on this site) the posible disappearance of the blog gives me no pause as too its authenticity - I leave it for the good members of the fórums to figure out - All I can say - something big is going on, at this point we know just about nothing about it, but if it breaks, we could all be in a world of hurt - Pancho: Billy, you know something - Billy: I'm scared Poncho - Poncho: Billy, you're not scared of any man - Billy: something is waiting out there for us, and it's no man; we're all going to die

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