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I'm still in the USA and I don't have cable so TV programming is pretty limited ... I guarantee you guys are more entertaining than *any* of the network offerings. To quote Tiffany, "bwajajaja!"






Maybe someone should grab a box of graham crackers and some marshmallows to whip up a little something to commemorate this potential peregrination....


Whatever should they be called???


Perhaps Samo-Ahs? (Couldn't help myself!)




Paul M.


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while all of you have been wasting time, I have been trying to formulate my posible "exit strategy" - todays (15 Aug. 2013) tidbit of joyous news concerning the CAJA has given me increasing incentive in my search for an optional place of domicile - while Samoa has great appeal, (and I have in hand the application forms) considering the seriousness of any relocation makes it imperative that a thorough investigation of all facts and possible locations be taken. - the thing is, I may be here many more years, however I refuse to be unprepared for any future contingencies!!

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