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Hi Gayle, here are the lists:


This first one is excellent, I love that it includes books from various cultures. I've used the Spanish version of many of these books while working on my Spanish. You can also use the author's names to find more books, as most of them have more than one book. As a former Seattle area person, you've got to include Sherman Alexie, right? This list gives details about the level and a quick synopsis. http://www.mtbaker.wednet.edu/worldlang/chris_johnson%27s_secret_world_language_book_list.htm


This next list is also excellent, and also includes books from other cultures although that's not its main focus. It's in PDF form so you can easily print it. http://www.ccsf.edu/Library/instruct/eslintermed.pdf


I love reading, I miss my old job which was in an academic library, and I firmly believe that reading will help you immeasurably in learning a new language, so I'm loving your idea of bringing some treasures back for folks to read!

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Thank you so much! They're great. I'm not so sure that many of the books on the first list will be easily available (the amazing Sherman Alexie and a few others notwithstanding). Lots to look for here!


I hope this thread helps others who are working with either ESL students or know people who would like to improve their English. Excellent resources here. (From Aesop's fables to Harlequin romances to Sherman Alexie to Dr Seuss ...)


saludos cordiales,


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One other suggestion came to mind for you to consider and which may be of interest to your adult english language students:



Married To A Legend, "Don Pepe, by Henrietta Boggs

Ms. Boggs still alive in her nineties and who now live in Alabama, tells in this book of here meeting with and marriage to don Pepe Figueres, the CR President who banned the army in CR.


I've read it and it is quite interesting. This book should be easy enough for an intermediate english student to get thru.


This book is available on Amazon.com



Paul M.


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