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With the ICE unión threatening Costa Rica free press, I would say that the liklihood of the goverment of Costa Rica finding any foreign inverstors with the will to buy the bonds that this government badly needs just to run the government has plummeted to unknown depths - Remember, the procedes from the bonds they plan to sell WON'T be used to pay of the owed principal on earlier bond sales! - It's over - The country of Costa Rica, at this point has a very low order of probability of surviving!

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newman - do you think that the economic situation in Costa Rica is similar in some ways to that of Greece?


I really don't think that Costa Rica "won't survive" but there could be seriously hard times ahead if this government doesn't take its head out of the sand.


Building new, expensive international airports won't matter if tourists are not safe in National Parks because the Park Rangers are not allowed to confront thieves, poachers, illegal loggers or gold miners who threaten them with bodily harm or destroy the natural resources so that the Parks are no longer attractive to visitors.


Giving tax rebates to "the poor?" A ludicrous idea.


Allowing huge resorts to continue to build in drought-stricken areas of Guanacaste is also not the way to a secure future.


Arresting people who "promote sex tourism" is a laugh. In fact, the story was published by the hypocritical AM Costa Rica who, in the past, has always run huge ads for the Del Rey with photos of young ladies in skimpy bathing suits. Recently their ads changed and they now feature one young lady who is listed as "one of our bartenders." hahahaha

What a waste of time and resources!


I see a lot of improvements in Costa Rica as far as access to government agencies and simplified ways of doing things. In fact, I remember when you couldn't make a payment at an ICE office but had get whatever bill you needed, go to a supermarket or payment center or bank and make the payment and then return to ICE. I remember when you couldn't have cell phone service unless you had a cedula and so I arranged for a Costa Rican friend to get the service and I just made the payment every month. Tax rates online, reporting online, access to banks online -- none of that existed.


And, thanks to the former security minister, Mario Zamora, I see a lot of improvement in police and police equipment. Several of us used to contribute to the local police so that they would have enough fuel to use their vehicle because they were only allotted c5000 per month. It was tricksy because you don't want to be in the position of "attempted bribery." We also contributed supplies and help to fix up the police station when the roof leaked, etc. I know in many small remote communities, this still happens, but with a bigger budget and a new 4x4 pickup truck, the police here can now actually patrol and get to remote areas where they couldn't go in their little 2x4 car before.


But the Asemblea has a LOT of work to do and I don't see many of them actually doing any work. It's a sorry state of affairs and my hope is that in the next elections, some legislators will be elected who will actually work for the country. Maybe that's too much to hope for.

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