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(I'll edit this as I think of other things)


In no particular order:

--the kindness and friendliness of Ticos

--flocks of noisy green parrots flying overhead and pairs of parrots in downtown San Ramón, telling all the other parrots that THIS is their territory, and pairs of parrots challenging each other (or that's how it sounds, anyway)

--the haunting sound of oropendolas, and how startling it is when one calls from nearby

--Lizano sauce

--the world-class orquesta sinfónica nacional


--wonderful CR Coffee

--hummingbirds feeding and one in particular sitting on the clothesline under the roof

--the green feria in Aranjuez

--the wonderful fresh queso palmito at the little store north of us; they make it every day and the famed Oaxacan cheese does not come even close


What are the things that you think you would miss if you left CR?




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I can certainly give a list of the things I miss when it's time to leave Costa Rica for Florida:


The macaws that fly over my house each morning.


My tropical plants & the hummingbirds they attract.


Early morning coffee on my porch.


The sound of waves crashing (while drinking early morning coffee on my porch).


Being able to buy perfectly ripe bananas (or better yet, grow them).


Mountain views (breathtaking for this Florida gal).


Being greeted with "pura vida."


Hearing Spanish on the radio.


Being able to order a casado at almost any type of restaurant.

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