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I'm not going to beat this dead horse, but I will throw a saddle on him... I'm one of the folks that continues to pay the $25 quarterly to keep my ATT go-phone number. The day before I fly out of Costa Rica, I call ATT and change my plan to a $45 GoPhone data plan, so I can keep data on my iPhone. I have them put an automatic service change in the system so that it goes back to the $25 quarterly after my return date. Works like a charm.


The only thing I would add is that, should I ever stop doing that and just buy a new SIM/phone number each trip, I would have the SIM shipped to my son, and then have him mail it to my Aerocasillas address in time to reach me before my trip. That way, I can switch out the chip while on the plane and have instant phone and internet upon landing. This is especially good if you have a layover and want "free" internet and email while waiting.

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Uh, would AT&T not simply send the new SIM to your Aerocasillas address directly?

Definitely! However, they will mail it with a tracking number. Anything that has a tracking number, Aerocasillas treats it like a PACKAGE, regardless of the fact that it's an envelope. We learned this the hard way when we had our bank send replacement credit cards. It ended up costing us over $16 to retrieve our cards from Aerocasillas! Much better to pay $1.50 to retrieve simply "correspondence". To prevent damage, I have my son send it inside a cheap greeting card.

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