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Yes, there's a huge Costa Rican community in NJ, and also a lot of ticos in NC. Oddly enough, when I lived in Hungary, I learned that there's also a very large Hungarian community in NJ. (Also Cleveland, OH, for some reason.)


I'm from NC and never met a tico before coming to CR. Though now that we're moving back I've looked up tico expat communities in NC and there's a Ticos of NC Association right in my hometown.

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Years ago, I worked in a rural Michigan county where there was a huge lumber yard. Almost everyone who worked there was originally from Dothan, Alabama. Why, you ask? It was because as the business expanded and more employees were needed, the first of those Alabamans recruited his family members to fill the vacancies. I'm confident the same is true of businesses in New Jersey.


The other thing I can say is that once when talking with a Michigan apple grower, I learned that they had to recruit seasonal employees from only one or another Latino ethnic group. If they mixed (say) Mexicans with Haitians, they'd have a bloodbath on their hands. So, again, maybe Costa Ricans work best with their family members and countrymen and by coincidence some of them started out in New Jersey.


Actually, it's not so unusual. If you investigated many American cities, you'd find entire neighborhoods that are or were dominated by one european ethnic group or another. The Germans tend toward German neighborhoods and the Irish with the Irish.



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Here in Zarcero I find that almost everyone addresses me in Spanish and, in some cases, later on I discover that some speak English quite well. Better than my Spanish.




Maybe by addressing you in spanish they are actually paying you a compliment, since they know you have some spanish and that you understand quite a lot.


Puede ser!


Paul M.


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FYI, I had several Tico friends about the high incidence of New Jersey as a destination. I was told there was someone (from Sarchi no less) who had established themselves in New Jersey quite awhile back and helped others get established. Apparently they developed quite a C.R. community.


Yes it was hearsay but asking anyone from Grecia, Sarchi, or Naranjo where they went, you know the answer.

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