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  1. Saludos! Can anyone tell me about their experience, both good and bad, with E&T Escrow located in San Isidro and lawyer Casimiro Vargas? Gracias
  2. Hi Lislehead. Have you found out any more info about the Wyndham Jade project in Manuel Antonio? Thanks.
  3. Hi Mark. I have been to both properties about a year ago. I've also been doing lots of on-line research. All that's missing is contact with or info from anyone living in the area who may have some additional knowledge that they can share with me. I plan to return very soon.
  4. Hi. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Wyndham Jade Condo Hotel project in Manuel Antonio? Thanks.
  5. Hi. Does anybody have any thoughts on the Hacienda Matapalo project? Thanks.
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