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  1. Looking for a reputable attorney near Playa Hermosa...also would like to know what escrow company you would recommend.  We have heard Chicago Title is best?

    Floyd & Kathleen.

  2. So, after some research, it is pretty common that the seller pays the tax on commission. We negotiated that out and will pay 7%. There is always great debate on this forum of renting vs buying. We just accepted the SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement) rom the buyer and have sold (or the buyer will forfeit the deposit) our property for 106% of what we purchased it for 7 years and 5 months ago. Great investment, a special property and now onto the next one!
  3. Greetings friends. After over 7 years on this site, my wife and I are selling a property and I wanted to get a feel for sellers fees and specifically if it is standard for the seller to pay for the taxes on the real estate commission for the broker. I can see generally there are taxes paid for that, but not who is responsible and I am thinking since it is not specially called out it is just something the real estate person pays themselves?
  4. I'm with SEATURTLWOMAN. I have briefed the site from time to time, but never engaged with the forum....ARCR is the best!
  5. As we move closer to the 17,000 total members mark, a quick and best wish for the new year! We have enjoyed this forum and feel it is simply one of the best candid and overall views of Costa Rica you can find. We look forward to another educational year....cheers to all and best for 2017!
  6. To all our forum 'virtual' friends! This has been a wonderful and educational forum that we have enjoyed now over 6 years. Thanks to everyone out there and may 2017 be the best year ever!!
  7. Yes, for sure. An established firm in Domi that sold to us over 6 years ago and now is a great friend. PM me and I will be happy to make an introduction....
  8. The answer is YES, you can buy property in Costa Rica and receive some passive income from the rent. Some points to consider; 1) It will be so difficult to get a mortgage in the country, I would strongly suggest you pay with cash. Maybe that is what you meant buy stating you were coming into money before the majority of replies we not helpful, my opinion 2) While it is pretty straight forward to purchase property, do not try and do it without serious due diligence - an attorney, a trusted real estate person, a general if not good understanding about the area. You should also consult your CPA because you need to file anything greater than USD$10K money movement outside the US. Not sure where you are, but as a US citizen, this is not a big deal, you just do not want to avoid it; 3) This forum provides a ton of great education - look back on some posts and try and be specific on your requested questions. Purchasing in Costa Rica is an excellent option, but it is not the majority of the fine folks on this forum. Take your time and enjoy the experience!
  9. I have an excellent attorney we used nearly 6 years ago (purchase), but he is located in San Isidro, close to us (45 mins) so I did not recommend. If you want to reach out to him, IM me. We are now friends and he does everything for us....
  10. So, while eleanorcr is correct that many of the posts/replies wonder off the topic - I will do the same here very quickly. The reply "there is no good reason to buy" while perhaps the majority view, is rubbish to some, me included. There are many wonderful reasons to buy. Water is a consideration in Tamarindo but it is a lovely place! We bought, 6 years ago and love it....and so do many others! Enjoy your journey....
  11. I agree. Maybe you have some years before your passport expires and you can continue to consider. There may be some of us that are watching once-in-a-lifetime events unfold in the US right now, but I', not sure that outweighs denouncing....my opinion.
  12. Eleanorcr - I'm curious why you would give up your passport? Then you ask if you could get a Visa to go back to the US. You are an icon posting on this site and give very good council. I am hopeful you have thought out why you want to do this....especially if you may consider visiting in the future. I am sure you are well-read on the ramifications of such an action....and understand "and looking into giving up my US passport"....which may not mean you have made such a decision....
  13. Greetings friends. We are purchasing a new quad outside of CR and was curious if there was any "official" light kit? I think what I will have put on will work but wanted to check and see if anyone has a web site or information. Thanks!
  14. A 'win' for sea turtles and an overall tragic case is over. Hopefully this will send a strong message for nature conservation in Costa Rica moving forward.
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