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  1. Hi Almost There,

    I am the person who near the beginning of this thread agreed with the poster. This is based on information received from a mover, who we both know! Closely tied to ARCR. I chose not to post his name however, it was directly from the 'horses mouth'. Personal information based on facts.

    He said most of those who returned,were young and believed they could fi...

  2. Good Afternoon Annelise

    We already have our retaining wall in and paid about 117USD per sq m.

    Really just wondering if this is in line. Didn't want to give out too much info on the forum

    How is the Family doing? Look forward to seeing you when you get back here.

    Love to all

    Ellen & Kees

  3. Welcome to CR.

    Thank you for your very kind remarks. It is really appreciated. Yes, there are some members who are 'not so gentle'. Where in CR are you living? We are in the Central Valley, Grecia.

    Spent all my adult life dealing with the public, learned how to couch my words!

    Again, Thank you

  4. Please don't be offended when I ask you this.

    Are you putting a 1 before the 506? I don't know what else could be causing a problem.

    If you want to get action on an email put your membership # in the subject. I find this gives me priority service

    Hope this helps


  5. Enjoyed your blog on your art tour. Wish I had known...Maybe next time!

    With your impressive knowledge of arts & crafts, I wonder if yuou have any idea where i can get bisqueware ceramic pieces that I can decorate.I have found a number of places in Santa Ana and one each in Alajuela & Grecia. They all seem to buy them from somewhere large. Thank you. Ellen

  6. I might suggest another good read is, 'The Costa Rica Reader' History, Culture, Politics. Steven Palmer & Ivan Molina. Editors and Twisted Roots. A free inernet download: http://www.firmaspress.com/Twisted_Roots.pdf by Carlos Alberto Montaner
  7. The only addition I can offer is, when you email ARCR put your member number in the subject line. When I started this the reply was always quick. Hope this helps Ellen
  8. I believe that, even after marrying a Tica/Tico you still cannot work for 2 years. Other gentle Forum members feel free to correct me. And yes, I am also offended by this blatant misuse of the sanctity of marriage. Sorry Syd.
  9. Thank you That sounds like the information I was looking for. It is a programming situation that I couldn't seem to get a handle on. It didn't happen everytime only, when I suffered some verbal diarhea or get called away Thank you Ellen
  10. Lately, I have found that when I am replying to a topic and I post all the other items have disappeared. I know I don't type that fast and maybe Anno Domini is catching up with me but, this morning I went to respond and the darned phone rang. Posted the reply and everything else was gone. Anyone else getting a little slow or is there a way of retaining the posts until I am finished? I obviously didn't do this right. What I mean is, when I 'view new content' and respond, often by the time I return to 'view new content' it has disappeared.
  11. Suggest you get a copy of A Legal Guide to Costa Rica by Roger A. Petersen. It is available through Amazon.com. He updates this regularly.
  12. Hi JP

    Our dentist is Dr Anibal Enrique Gonzales

    I have 2 email addresses for him




    hope this helps.

    His address is: Contiguo a Mutual Alajuela Tel: 506 2494 2215

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