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  1. Nope. The NFL season kicked off last night with the Broncos prevailing over the Super Bowl Ravens on the strength of Peyton Manning's seven (yup, 7) touchdown passes. As for the 49ers, well, it's way too early to tell.
  2. Okay, newman, we've scrutinized these places. Do you mean just the city of Tunis but the entirety of Lybia, or what? And, by the way, I care deeply about the Davis Strait. What's step two. Are any of them on the way to American Samoa, or is that a separate dither?
  3. Uh huh, so your plan is for your wife to revert to a Neanderthal lifestyle except that everything she comes into contact with, including the dust in the air that she breathes, the water that she drinks, anything she eats, and anything she touches will be radioactively contaminated for thousands of years. Can she hold her breath that long? That is your plan??
  4. You realize, do you not, that the United States has the world's largest and most lethal arsenal of nuclear weapons and it is we, not anyone else, who have ever actually unleashed one (well, two actually). Putin may rattle his sword, but he's hardly about to initiate a nuclear conflagration that would annihilate him along with the rest of the world's living creatures over a matter as insignificant as Syria. The midwest can be pleasant this time of year, but if you think it's a survivable location in the event of a nuclear exchange among the superpowers, you are clearly deluding yourself. T
  5. So, newman, what are YOU going to do about it, dither? And, by the way, On the Beach was a work of fiction about the aftermath of a global nuclear conflagration, not the leakage of coolant from a nuclear generating plant. There are differences between the two.
  6. So you'll be in attendance in Washington, eh, newman? Will that be on your way to American Samoa? Maybe you could work a layover there on 9/22/13 into your relocation. That'd be cheap. By the way, there is no such thing as a ". . . so called American EXPAT . . ." in Costa Rica or anywhere else. If you are an American citizen living outside the United States, you are, by definition, an expat (short for "expatriot"). It matters not what your political orientation, your religious beliefs, your background or anything else may be. Being a U.S. citizen living outside the U.S. makes you an expat.
  7. Okay, now I get it . . . In the "forum of world arbitration", the "doctrine of proper law choice" has some legal standing, but it is meaningless in the context of the Costa Rican Napoleonic legal system. Is that what you're saying?
  8. Dana, you wrote, "Which means that either way, you pay. " But that's not right. If you purchase health care insurance, you pay for the coverage (and the deductibles, copays, etc) and the policy pays for the rest. If you don't buy a policy, then you have no coverage and when you're ill or injured, the public pays through some combination of higher health care costs and taxes. So either you pay for your care or we all pay for your care. Of those two options, which seems more reasonable to you?
  9. Okay, Dana, so your friends and family in California are not happy that their health insurance premiums are going down? Just what would make them happy then? If they don't wish to be covered, they can opt out which would probably be cheaper than enrolling -- 'til they get sick, that is. As for the federal government not providing health care directly except to active duty military members, veterans via the Veterans' Administration health care system, on Native American reservations and in penal institutions, what that means is that the federal government does not provide health care direct
  10. Notice, please, that no one has tried to respond to the basic question posed by the originator of this thread -- "What will a system cost?" That's because no one can give a meaningful number without knowing much more about what will be required and what the local conditions are and that was my original point. I mean no criticism toward anyone. It's just that different locations and conditions call for different solutions at varying costs. To pose such a vague question reminds me of a similar question posed a couple of years ago ("What will a retaining wall cost?"). Without much more detai
  11. Criollo, have you allowed for a gravel bed for the drain field and perforated pipe? And won't how much of both depend upon soil conditions?
  12. I think the cost will depend upon what, exactly, is planned. In years gone by, Costa Rican "Tico-style" homes have had "black water" systems that served only the toilets and grey water systems that served everything else -- sinks, showers, laundry, etc. It's actually a pretty good set-up. In the past (and maybe still today), the design of the black water system was simply to dig a pit, run the toilet drain pipe into it, and cover it with a concrete cap. The liquids dissipated downward and sideways through the soil. When the pit was full of solids, a new pit was dug and the drain rero
  13. You're right, as usual, Mark, but just to be sure we should all continue to sleep high in the trees with the sloths and howler monkeys to avoid the heavier-than-air nerve agents that we could possibly (but not likely) be exposed to. It's probably more comfortable than Sr. newman sleeping on top of his car in his gas mask.
  14. So, newman, can one fashion one's own pam chloride injectors from locally available Pam non-stick cooking spray? If yes, what's involved? I'm with Dana on this one . . . When the inevitable (according to some) happens, my options will be to find a low spot and practice my deep breathing exercises or, if there's time, to turn and face the flash.
  15. newman, how can you not know about importing the injectors? You've not left yourself exposed, have you? How did you get your supply? Who will we have to guide us through the coming disaster if you're lying in the snow of Cerro de la Muerte twitching like a live wire?
  16. newman, what's involved in importing atropine injectors and 2 pam chloride injectors into Costa Rica? Physicians' prescriptions? Import licenses? And will the Correo, Aerocasillas and the like handle them? Or are they domestically available? And what are the costs? And what are the shelf lives? And where in Costa Rica is it likely to be snowing when all this happens?
  17. . . . but not for long. (And, unlike some Forum participants, our Garmin GPS remains undithered.)
  18. I'm with newman on this one. Dithering has certainly changed my life. In fact, I think we should set a time and place and all dither together. Maybe we could meet in the central park in Alajuela late one morning, dither for a while, and then go to lunch at Jalapeno's. We'll pick a flat spot, Shea, to accommodate dithering in your wheelchair.
  19. Well, what I can tell you is that in the eight years that we've been here, during which time we've bought one new car and one used one and built two houses, we have never encountered customer service any more insensitive or indifferent than what you'd expect in your local U.S. Walmart, Sears, Best Buy or Home Depot. I've not patronized Clinic Biblica, but the care and the treatment I've received at CIMA have been on a par with what I experienced in Michigan and North Carolina. I'm a firm believer in the notion that the response you receive is largely dependent upon the attitude you projec
  20. Having spent part of my work life in the private sector, I can assure you that there is always business you don't want. And then there's business you wish you hadn't accepted.
  21. Jim, if you click on the "Monthly Average" button on the exchange rate chart on your first link, you'll see that it's dead-flat at c500:$1.00US back to October of 2012. If the chart went back to October of 2010, I think you'd see virtually the same line. As for the inflation rate, I'm not going to dispute efinance's number. Working from 5% annual inflation doesn't make a compelling argument for the Costa Rican CDs whether you buy 'em from BNCR, BCR, or another source at 5%. I think you're right, though, that plus 5% in interest counterbalanced by minus 5% for inflation equals zero growth.
  22. Hmmm . . . Well, where I grew up, 12.75% minus 5.75% left 7.0%, not 6.0%. That aside, I think you may be overstating the Costa Rican rate of inflation (although I'm in no position to argue the point). Assuming that you have it right, the computed rate of inflation may or may not impact upon everyone the same. While it's entirely possible, for example, that real estate and vehicle prices are rising, we're not buying either (which would be our largest purchases, if we were making them), so to some extent we are insulated from whatever inflation is occurring as are many who exist in thi
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