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  1. Hello Folks, I wrote few lines about Estate Planning and this article will be published in a monthly bulletin. I will just copy and paste it here so you can read it and revise your personal case. Hope it helps you to organize your assets and avoid future issues. Oscar ARE YOU PREPARED? Most people don´t take one minute to think about the future of their estate in the event that they die or are unable to manage it themselves. Perhaps this is because it forces us to think about death, incapacity, disability or sickness, situations that we don´t have t
  2. Hello, Although your corporation is inactive (just title holder-no running biz), you must pay certain tax o stamp which is AKA Impuesto de Educacion y Cultura. It is due in March of every year. In the worst scenario, you will have to pay $20 which nothing. Oscar
  3. Hello, Pan is 100% right. You should contact an attorney to review preliminarily the title to the property or perform a detailed due diligence.
  4. Hello, A concession is basically a lease agreement with the corresponding municipality. Not in all cases, the term of the concession is 25 years so you should pull a title report from the registry to make sure the expiration date. Before buying a concession, my recommendation is to perform a very detailed due diligence: 1) Pull a title report of the concession land form the registry. From this document you can get more information and move forward with the due diligence. 2) Review of the zoning plan of the place wherein the concession is located. If the concession that you are planning to
  5. is creating new biz opportunities.....

  6. Hello Folks! In my experience as attorney, I have often seen people in troubles or running at the last minute because their title or corporate documents are not in order. I do not think you want to be in trouble because of this. As a preventive measure, you should double check if yours are ok. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me. Cheers, Oscar Avila
  7. Hello, You are still interested, please send me a MP. Oscar
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