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  1. I will have an attorney who will represent only me....I just need some names of those that someone used and was pleased with. Will the attorney at ARCR who is handling my residency also handle any real estate transaction? I emailed ARCR 2-3 weeks ago regarding an attorney but have not received a reply. Maybe I should just call...
  2. Can anyone recommend a real estate attorney? I have the name of one recommended by the realtor....I would make sure that this attorney was representing only me in any transaction. What else should I know/do? I have read that one should have a second lawyer to check the first...is this true or was it a joke?
  3. I'm sure this has been covered in this forum but I'm not coming up with much using the search. I'm curious about concession...I understand that this property is never actually owned and there is a risk of it being taken back by the government. That sounds risky to me but I also see the coastal homes built and being built in the maritime zone. Is it not as risky as it seems or are the people who have concession property just bigger risk takers?
  4. Thanks for the feedback.. The reason that I want to buy is so that I can do with the property as I want. I just don't feel motivated to do much gardening, etc in a rental home. Besides, I was brought up with the idea that "everybody must own their own home" I just can't seem to "nest" in a rental. I did look at numerous built homes while I was looking at property. What I have seen so far didn't really suit my purpose. But, I am going back thru all the listings and reconsider. I don't want unsure contracts and the headaches... Is there any way to get a realistic total price for bu
  5. OK, I've decided to buy property in Costa Rica...and I've picked the area that I want to try. I like the Caribbean....and I have read a lot of reasons for not living there but I have my own reasons for living their. So, I've rented a little beachhouse and will try it. In the meantime, I'm going to look at property. That will give me some orientation to the area and the neighborhoods, land prices, cost of living, etc. I'm wondering what all I should do in order to purchase land and build. I want to know in advance of the actual deed so that I'll know all what I'm in for. What I kno
  6. I have taken some pictures that I would like to develop and give to my neighbor. Where can I get this done? Thanks
  7. This forum has been very helpful in giving suggestions and options. So, here's the outcome of my dilemma regarding the rental/selling of my home in the states. I found a property manager and now I've entered into a lease/purchase agreement. I'm getting my desired rental fee and when the house is actually purchased(12months) I'll have the $amount that I originally wanted. Hoping it all goes as planned, but if not, there's a plan B
  8. For whatever reasons, the dollar is declining in value. Now what? What would you do with your savings/monies invested to maintain it's buying power? Just curious as to what others might be doing...
  9. I am asking for feedback on a problem that I’m facing. I have lived in Costa Rica for 7 months and plan to stay. I have a home that is paid for in the states. I am planning to sell it but with the market down, it is not selling. The real estate agent wants me to lower my asking price $60,000 below what I have actually put into the house. I have the invoices showing my investment into a new bath, kitchen, windows, heating...and the list goes on. Now, I don’t want to lose this money...but I realize that no one is looking at it at the price that I want. I have not wanted to rent the h
  10. I have no problem naming names...in fact, I would love to as long as I am sure that I will not be in some sort of legal trouble by doing so. I, obviously, don't know the laws or how to make certain that I am protecting myself.
  11. My lawyer has been affiliated with ARCR, speaks fluent English and had all legal paperwork in English. Unfortunately, this lawyer also has represented the seller in the past. The seller told me that this lawyer had handled the paperwork for the other 4 buyers and that by using him, it would be less complicated since he already had all the information on file. I have emailed this lawyer with my concerns and he responded by saying that he would contact the seller and discuss this with him. There are 3 other buyers who have verbalized frustration and concerns. They have even suggested that a
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