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  1. Peter, you could check Craigs list CR just to get an idea of what it might run. But I would not actually use it to find a place. Come down, find a hotel or b&b to stay for awhile, then go looking. That way you will have the best chance of finding a place. That's a very useful idea. Thanks. Peter
  2. Sorry I did not reply earlier to requests to explain my enquiry about Mexico expat forums. My wife and I had planned to spend several years in CR and were trying to sell our house in NH. Unfortunately she died in 2012 and I felt that I would not want to go back to CR without her, so Mexico was a possible alternative for escaping NH winters. I'm now thinking maybe I could go back to CR. At least I know what it's like, and that I like it. Anyone know what the cost is these days for a one-bed flat or "studio" in a decent area of SJ? I have never rented in CR but I know not to place must
  3. Hi, I have spent several months in CR and my plan was to be living there now. That has changed and I am considering Mexico. Can anyone recommend a good expat forum for Mexico? Thanks, PeterNH
  4. Thanks Ronnie, sorry you are having such a rough time. We will contact you again when we get to SJ.

    We want to look at places in the central valley and also a quick look at the Caribbean before spending a few days in Samara (we enjoyed the beach there before). Anytime you feel up to commenting on any town we would welcome it. Do you know the caribbean coast well?


  5. Eleanor, I would be interested in hearing more about opting out of Medicare. What does that mean? Peter NH P
  6. Last winter in SJ there were Sunday morning aerobics in Sabana park. Peter
  7. I would like to hear more opinions about the taxi alternative to owning a car. I know how cheap taxis are in SJ for local journeys, but how about longer journeys? Has anyone used them for going to and from the resort areas or for generally seeing the country. I am not talking just about day trips but also about using different taxis for the go and return trips.
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