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  1. On average it is 10-15% of the estimated cost of the project. The best is to have architect and builder work as a team. Have a contract" turn key" or "LLaves en Mano". Architect will charge more if he only does planos, preliminary estudios, permits... You will have to pay additionally ( or increase %) for monitoring the construction, for example : weekly, bi-weekly, monthly ... You have to get bids from 3-4 and see which one you can trust...
  2. Do not get discouraged, with through search of a lot for 40-50k and construction of 100sq m house at average for Central Valley $800 us for sq meter, you will be having your own house ( North Americam standards)for total of 130-140k We build here with good English speaking Architect an Engineer, so their workmanship before signing "under key"contract... Make sure you found flat build able lot, preferably in gated community with pool, rancho... Do topographic study of the lot before buying it, so you know you can build without retaining walls and other extras... It is all doable with seri
  3. Villa verde II is poorly managed, HOA high.big complex with lots of units, so many do not pay condo/ HOA a fee and it is looks good only on the photos... Many Realestate companies do not update their websites for a long time... Come here, go to the ABC or Alliance or Remax and they will show you what really available at the time. They all speak English. Be very careful and do not do any emotional decisions. After all, Tamarindo is a really vibrant fast growing beach town with low humidity and a great night life. Lots of Canadians! USA and Europeans.
  4. Glucosamin and Chondroitin used for dogs with joint pain or discomfort, arthritis. It is restoring cartilage, takes away the inflanmation. Usually, large dogs have a tendency to have joint issues. You can give large dog ( 70+ pounds) 500-2,000 mg/a day, Small dogs - 1/2 or 1/4 of it. Ester C or C vit is to keep immune system( antiviral, antibacterial,anticancer), gums, liver strong.It will not rebuild the joint. My golden retreaver and all my dogs before him always took supplements. It was easy to get the best in USA. I still bring it from there and give it to my dog daily. It is much bett
  5. Food here is fantastic. Fresh, tasty, affordable. every Friday and saturday you can get it for a week. Nothing is worse then frozen, full of hormones, antibiotics, artificial colorings, sweeteners, GIF, no seeds, no smell, no taste.... you are eating daily in USA daily. Also in CR they have an organic produce and organic farms.
  6. Yes, it is common. Also they prefer shillak( jell) nails. About 8.000 colones( about $16.00)
  7. To open the account with BN: go to ARCR in Casa Canada in Sabana Park area SJ. They will help you to do it. Then when you have it, wire money from your home account. Little fees will be applied. Many people have done it .Good luck with your move!
  8. Have you considered working from home here

    in CR and paid in USA? If you are teachable

    you can start earning money withing 30 days.

  9. Mr Rumalo Pacheco with Canada Place and ARCR is our loyer. We are very thankful for his expertise, reliability, availability, timly responds, ethics in all matters including real estate....We will do residency with him soon also.
  10. Hi, everybody We successfully complited our casa, 4 days before the date specified in a contract. We are very greatfull to all team: architect, enguneer, crew, kitchen desiner, loyer.. for a great job they all have done for us. We can't wait to retire and move in... One advice: You have to have detailed contract with all cost included "under the key".
  11. Is it safer to live in a gated community?

  12. Hi, Rodrigo, Tim others When we were negotiating the cost of "Under The Key house", we checked with a few companies and knew that "American style house" will cost us ( to build on our lot) betweem $650-$900/m2 depends on how many up-grades you want to have. We negotiated a fair price for complete progect, so we don't have any "extras" expences during the construction. Also we had architectural design done by the architect who works for this constraction company, so it was less expensive then do it separately. Also, we adjusted our architectural design to our budget( downsized 1 extra be
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