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  1. Shea, re your question on paying in colones versus dollars, www.costaricalaw.com is a good place to visit, also look at the website www.globalpropertyguide.com/latin-america/costa-rica/landlord-and-tenant which is cited by a well known law firm in Costa Rica.........
  2. Megan and John, in accordance with Costa Rica law, if you pay in colones, there is a 15% increase in rental each year, where in dollars the rent is not subject to increase. We rented a "tico" home for $100 per month the first two years in Costa Rica while building, and while it was not up to the usual American or Canadian standards, it was fully adequate for our needs during that period. Ask around the area you are in, look on bulletin boards in grocery stores such as Pali and Maxi Bodega, or as indicated before the local pulperia or soda........
  3. Ekasue, as someone involved in the property market, I can say that prior to the economic problems particularly in the U.S. and Canada that my website received over 4,000 valid hits monthly regarding properties, and since that time I have been receiving less than 2,000, so I can vouch that yes the economic impact has already reached Costa Rica, and I believe will get much worse in the coming months rather than better. Construction has drastically decreased in the Pacific coastal areas and in areas such as Escazu and Santa Ana around San Jose, while in the interior the impact has as yet to be fe
  4. I certainly agree with all of these comments, particularly the one regarding take your time, don't jump, visit Costa Rica more than once before thinking of purchasing property, make sure you select the area you are interested in, climate, proximity to the airport, towns, hospital, etc. There are no requirements imposed on those marketing real estate in Costa Rica and there are many taken in with promises by both agents and in particular developers of communities in Costa Rica. As someone involved in this area for some years now, I have seen examples where property was purchased with no electri
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