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  1. Oh come on, you know we canadians are too KIND to have an ulterior motive, we just want to help (tongue planted firmly in cheek) TicaNadian
  2. Not a usual year at all in Guanacaste, we are now having the little summer that we should of had in July, stunning sunny days, don't know how long it will last. Yet last year we had almost no rain in the wet season. It is what it is and there is nothing one can do. But still my favorite place to be. TicaNadian
  3. Rick; Sorry my RANT was not aimed at you but just in general, I think I was having a day where I was tired of hearing people complain about EVERYTHING. I am sure that you will do your homework before making a decision. If you find your self complaining about the way it is here, then this is NOT the place for you. Costa Rica has "warts" and one has to love this place warts and all... TicaNadian
  4. Some one I met at the airport recently said, "I hate it here", we bought in the middle of no where and there are no services and they built our house wrong and so on and so on. They also thought they could just start up a little business and pay themselves and stay afloat, as they put EVERYTHING into the land and house. My husband called her "Debbie downer" If you have to work to live here, DO NOT COME, it will rarely work for you. TicaNadian
  5. It NEVER ceases to amase me how MANY people DO NOT listen. SO many people are getting free advise from those who have lived it, yet they do not hear. I have had so many conversations with people who DID NOT do their homework and then are surprised when it doesn't work out and do nothing but B***CH and complain about this counrty and it's "way of going". PLEASE people TAKE YOUR TIME, make sure this is what you want, it is not for everyone. Example, a couple has moved here after doing a VERY cursory tour of the area. He will not leave the house except to walk to breakfast twice a week, and h
  6. I know, we really have had horseshoes up our you know whats during the whole process of moving and building etc.. What can I say??? I am greatful I am not doing it now.. TicaNadian
  7. Hi I just want to say that we built from the ground up and we did EVERYTHING you are not supposed to do, but we are very lucky people and everything worked out. We came down only once during construction to pick tiles and colors for walls, BUT I will say that we knew the builders (Canadian) we gave them our house plans and said this is what we want and this is want we'll pay for a turn key project. They were building a condo project up the road and we had two years before we moved down here so it was win/win for everyone. Because they already had the crew on site and had two years to get the
  8. Hi; If you look at the law itself, it states that you DO NOT have to file if you don't qualify, also have an e-mail from a gov't worker stating the same thing. AM Costa Rica doesn't alway get it right... TicaNadian
  9. Hey Andy; Playa del Coco? Really? I don't know if you would like it there, the beach as you know is not that nice...but I will tell you, it is less expensive in Coco, but much busier and more activity at night, not necessarily the good kind... Me thinks you best bet is to come and see what is here, BUT the Casita is only open again in March (damn friends monopolizing my time like that) unless you want to come in December or 1st week in January. Why don't you make Gerta an offer and see what comes of it? And see what's available in Gaviota. Toni
  10. Here is the link to the luxury tax. http://dgt.hacienda.go.cr/oficina/herramientas/Paginas/Programaparacalcularelimpuetosolidario.aspx If you soend some time looking at it and filling in the required fields (if your spanish isn't good enough, translate it on bablefish) you will find that GENERALLY as a rule anything under 2,000.00 sq feet will not have to pay even at the highest level. My h8usband spent alot of time figuring this out and seems to be this works. If you have a house under 2,000.00 sq feet it won't even ask for the land value. There is ALOT of misinformation out there, incl
  11. Hey CRF; Andy and Fran are supposed to be here in Playa Hermosa tomorrow, will be interesting to see what they experienced... TicaNadian
  12. We started to build 2 years ago and at that time had a fixed price for our design. It cost us $200,000 to build the house but we had already purchased the land. Our house is a one bed open concept loft with two large bathrooms and an office and utility room. Alos a pool and a separate guest house. I am grateful that we started the process two years ago becasue it took two years to build and the price of everything has skyrocked since then. We are at a beach, we cannot see it but we can hear it and it is a two minute walk. Everything has gone up and it depends entirely where you are willing t
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