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  1. You are right, Eleanor. That is why I mentioned the preservative made in Ochomogo, because it is supposed to be friendly with Nature. I can't write the factory name here because I don't want ARCR thinks it is advertising, but I do can say you can search it as "chemical factory ochomogo cartago" and the factory name starts with X. According to the info they provide, once the chemical is applied to the wood, there is no risk for people or the environment because the chemical won't leave the treated material. You can ask them for any certification about it.
  2. Hi there. If you want your house made all in wood, your architect and your builder must apply a preservative to the material. It is against bugs, termites too, and antifungal. The method is very important. There are chemicals that you can apply by submerging the wood during at least several minutes in a container with the chemical diluted in water. Just painting the wood with the product could be not good enough. You can find the chemicals in the hardware stores depending on the factory and the supplier (a very reliable factory is located in Ochomogo, Cartago). I think it is t
  3. Magnífico, Lucybelle y Epicatt, gracias por contribuir con sus opiniones y sugerencias. Te agradezco mucho, Epicatt, voy a probar "French in Action", Espero ser tan hábil utilizando el francés como tú lo haces con el español. ¡ Excelente progreso ! ¡ Hasta pronto !
  4. Para todos quiénes aprendemos otra lengua, diferente a la materna, el principal problema es no tener con quién practicar. Todos necesitamos oír, leer y repetir las frases más importantes, según el uso diario, para poder imitarlas correctamente, recordarlas cuando las necesitamos y poder construir nuestras propias expresiones. Si a tu alrededor no hay hablantes de esa lengua, o por tus ocupaciones no tienes posibilidad de conversar un buen rato con uno de ellos, lo otro es internet. Hay muchos cursos, videos, páginas, pero estas opciones implican sentarse un buen tiempo frente a la pant
  5. Hi there. The official fees according to CFIA (Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa RIca or Association of Engineers and Architects) are in total 10.5%, minimum, over the investment for building, including additions, but It is the usual percentage my clients and I agree about the work to do. I have to clarify that for renovations the fees are 50% more, according to CFIA. It includes the preliminary studies (a soil test, technical and legal viability depending on the nowadays regulations and laws, etc), the pre-design from the client`s ideas and needs, making the first
  6. Veo que este artículo es algo viejo, pero creo conveniente hacer un comentario al respecto. En años pasados, con el fin de evitar pagar impuestos de traspaso de propiedades, se acostumbró adquirir las acciones de sociedades solamente, de manera que indirectamente se pasaba a ser dueño de los inmuebles y bienes inscritos como de la sociedad correspondiente. Esto puede haber cambiado suceptiblemente, si se considera que desde hace 3 años las sociedades deben pagar el impuesto así llamado de sociedades, lo que implica un pago anual de alrededor de 200 mil colones (400 dólares), por lo que se
  7. Perhaps we, as ticos, would like to show our skills in English because we want to have a nice relationship with newcomers. I guess the most of the times we want to help and be polite just because is our nature, but I think you are right, guys, expressing your desire to lead the conversation in Spanish is the best way to learn, to practice and to get involved in our local culture. At the end it is just a matter of human relationship, isn´t it? The differences among cultural frames are not huge, I mean, the most of us like a nice weather, nice landscapes, tasty tropical food, including e
  8. I do have experience with the septic tanks in the link. Indeed, the supplier calls it "fosa biológica". This kind of tank is mandatory for some municipality, like Coronado. The cost is around a 50% of the regular concrete blocks septic tank we usually design and build. Then, it is right, it depends of the kind of soil to decide about the drainages. For a very average soil, 24 meters long drainages should be good enough for a house where 6 people are living. Nevertheless, the ideal procedure would be asking for soil test, in order to know the capability of the stratums to hold the w
  9. I can see all the suggestions here are very wise. I would add that you should decide, first, what your investment would be and, according to this, you can decide about what level you would finish the house in order to be able to afford it and still living with mínimum comfort. As costaricafinca said, pay attention to the conditions in the property where you are planning to build. A soil test would be ideal. For instance, a client me asked to check a lot he would like to buy and according to the soil test, the first 6 feet were soft soil (clayey silt soil), so there would be necessary t
  10. Hi there. Just adding a brief info, I guess you are talking about housing building permits. If we were talking about other kinds of projects, you should consider extra requirements, for instance for condos, apartments, offices´ building, restaurants. But talking about housing projects, since some time ago, there is a unified simpler process before CFIA (Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y de Arquitectos de Costa Rica, that is the architectural and engineering bureau in the country). In the old times, you had to go even to INVU, the housing institution, then to CFIA, then to the Ministerio
  11. It is a pleasure assisting about designing and building projects and related

  12. It is a pleasure helping about designing and building projects and related

  13. It is a pleasure helping about stuff regarding design and building projects and related

  14. It is a pleasure to help about stuff regarding design and building projects and related

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