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  1. Andy - Why would you want to put this topic to rest? I think it has been an interesting discussion and worthwhile and timely, especially in the light of Venezuela cutting off diplomatic relations with Colombia.

    I want it put to rest because there are almost NO FACTS surfacing. It's all conjecture, hyperbole, innuendo and in some cases, flat out lies and distortion. It's much worse on CRL, but it seems that all the wackos who either hate the US, hate Obama or think the US is launching a major military assault on Latin America seem to surface to voice their paranoiac rhetoric.

  2. Having lived in Los Angeles Sur for almost a year, we are seeking a new place to live. We have set our sights on the northern beach area of Playa Coco/Hermosa in Guanacaste. We are looking for a long term house rental. Here are our our requirements:

    • 2b/2b with an office or 3b/2b
    • Furnished (this is a huge plus but not a deal breaker)
    • 5 min or less walk to the beach (MUST)
    • Air conditioning
    • Gringo style amenities
    • High speed internet
    • Cable or sat TV
    • Pet friendly (we have a well trained 18 mo. lab)
    • pool (nice plus)
    • We will prepay 6 months rent in advance

    Can move anytime but our current lease expires in March.


    Our current rental in Los Angeles Sur will become available if anyone is interested.

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