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  1. Get me out of this crazy country called the USA!

  2. We're going off topic here but I just have to add that the U.S. has outsourced ALL KINDS OF JOBS. There are currently 15 million UNEMPLOYED here, 3 million will be without any benefits by the end of this month, having exhausted all their benefits. Many are losing their homes and/or cashing in their 401k's, selling jewelry, etc. to survive. Yet there is only ONE job for EVERY FIVE UNEMPLOYED. This country outsources millions of jobs and now the Economy is paying for it. What did they think? That outsourcing jobs would NOT screw up our country???
  3. wishes he were in San Ramon!

  4. Question: I think I was charged some sort of "taxes" by my attorney, on my 2 corporations. One holds my bank account and the other holds my land. Is this normal, when are these taxes due, and how much should they be, mas o menos?
  5. Another great resource for legal info, and views from one of Costa Rica's major real estate and law offices: http://crexpertise.info/
  6. I absolutely agree! Do your due diligence, but most importantly ask for personal references and make sure you have a good highly recommended attorney for your property transaction. By the way, I did not mean that all realtors are crooked or not trustworthy. What I meant - and what I said was if you read it carefully - was that you should not put your full trust in any realtor (or developer) without asking around, keeping your eyes open, learning about buying real estate in Costa Rica, and using your own recommended attorney for any transaction. In other words, I have heard of people go
  7. It always kills me when people say "Don't look for real estate on the internet". I admit that you won't find the best deals there, and it is true that visiting for a month or living in CR for awhile, you will find better deals. BUT - and this is a big butt! - most people who are looking to buy real estate in CR simply cannot afford to move to Costa Rica or live there for a month or more to look for a better real estate deal. Also, most of the "better" real estate deals are only findable if you speak Spanish, drive around and talk to people, and even then it takes awhile and a lot of leg
  8. In general, you cannot fully trust any realtor in Costa Rica. They're kind of like used car salesmen. Make them prove what they say, in writing, and get yourself a good attorney to help you make sure everything is in order as it should be. I have sent you a private message.
  9. Good affordable land in a nice area will always go up in value - up to a point, at least. Look how high prices went in the Arenal area! And it's windy and cold and rainy up there! My prediction is that as more and more boomers come to Costa Rica, more and more will begin to buy retirement homes or land for homes, there. As to prices, no one can predict, but I can't see them coming down too much in most areas unless they've already gone up way too high (such as Arenal)...
  10. I don't think the issue of someone using your house while you are not there is substantially worse in either country. I think the thing to do would be to rent the house out, have an attorney draw up a lease, and go down and check on it twice a year. Ideally you should have someone there you can trust to watch over it, at least look in on it once a month or so. Depending on whether you're buying something out in the boonies or where other gringos live, the issue of squatting may be much less than you think. You could just ask a neighbor to look after it... call you if anything funny goe
  11. If the property is soley and wholly owned by the S.A., then - as I understand it; and I am not an attorney - yes, that would make the property legally your's and you would not have to re-register it as it is already registered to (now) YOUR S.A.. However, I have heard that you have to check the S.A. out fairly diligently just as you would check out a property title diligently, to make sure there are no liens or other problems against the S.A. you are buying. As always, get a trustworthy attorney who knows the ins and outs of Tico property laws and S.A.'s. This is something you don't w
  12. Right. But if it's just for communication - not for internet - then you can probably get a cell phone that will work there.
  13. I must disagree with that statement. Panama is not higher than Costa Rica, it is cheaper. Almost everything is cheaper in Panama, at least in the north-western part where I went, and from what I have read on other forums, Panama is cheaper all over. (I'm talking cost of living, not real estate. I think the real estate in Panama is about the same if not higher. But the cost of living is much lower.) But yes, I agree that if the cost of living in CR begins to approach the cost of living in the USA then Costa Rica will be less attractive as a destination for boomers. So this is pr
  14. If you speak the language and have months and months to spend driving around, talking to people and if you can find a "scout" to help you out, you may find a really good deal. Or not. If you don't have all that time to spend, you can do well by finding some of the better real estate agents (who charge a fair commission not an exorbitant one) and dealing with them. As to electricity and water, it's pretty easy to see if you have it or not. Look for the electrical meter and the water valve. The owner can show you where it is. If it isn't there, then where is the next closest one? It can
  15. I don't know how much cleaning there is to do, but 24back hoe days sounds like a lot. If there are a lot of trees etc to remove, then maybe so. Use your judgment on this.
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