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  1. That is our thought on the matter. There is plenty of cirxulation and a biofilter. Still it will be important to monitor the water chemistry closely.
  2. Specifically, we're wanting to test a pond for ammonia and nitrite levels. Our landlord recently built a 30' x 16' pond with a waterfall, biofilter, and now gold fish. My husband is helping out with monitoring it since we live on the premises and he doesn't. It would be helpful if we could measure more than simple ph, especially since the owner would really like to expand the habitat to inlclude turtles and ducks. We'll check in Grecia before we trek to Escazu, the only other lead we've received so far. Thanks.
  3. I live in Palmares, Alajuela and am looking for a source for a pond test kit. Can someone tell me where I can buy one in the Central Valley? Thanks. Teri
  4. And sometimes not just practicing their English... maybe showing it off a little bit. We get that here in Palmares on a regular basis and I always make a point to praise their skill and ask where they learned, etc. I think it helps to remember that just like learning Spanish is an important lifeskill for us, Ticos recognize that the path to greater financial security often includes mastering English and we're all proud when we gain expertise in something. Then there is the possibility that sometimes it is just a way of welcoming us into their community.
  5. Hi David. I spent a few months looking for brown rice flour, too. None at Super Sony. I haven't made it to the Asian store in Tibas, to date. I did almost ruin my Oster blender making the flour myself, so don't try that But now that my grain mill is up and running (after a minor setback), I can make my own. Likewise, I have not yet found brown rice noodles. Hopefully you'll stumble across them. I have had surprising luck at finding whole-food products at Walmart, Auto Mercado, and even Compra Bien, here in Palmares, although it's always hit and miss, of course. Teri
  6. My landlord has a very nice cabina for rent. It is located on the same beautiful semi-rural property on which our rental is situated. Photos are attached. The property sits on the edge of their coffee farm, has lots of trees, birds and other wildlife. You can contact me by PM and I'll give your their phone number, email, and a link to a website with more info. 1 bedroom, 1 bath Fully furnished Gated property Fridge, Electric Range w oven, & clothes washer Hot water Hourly bus service just outside the gate $450 per month, plus electricity, water, phone These are grea
  7. Thanks for all the feedback and support. We made it to San Ramon and back with 99% compliance to our new way of eating! We had lunch at Aroma's Cafe and ordered vegetarian personal pizzas without cheese. We were a wee bit surprised that the pizza 'crust' was two slices of white bread. (It's anybody's guess what was in that!) but it was loaded with great veggies and was very tasty. We didn't miss the cheese at all!! We also ordered papaya bebidas with water and NO sugar. And after watching the steady parade of lucscious desserts being wheeled from the kitchen past our table and to
  8. I see that Julie and others have provided locations for Vishnu. I can also tell you, though, that there is a vegetarian resort just north of San Ramon at San Lorenzo. The name is Lands in Love. We stayed there and we have eaten at their restaurant when we made a day trip a few months later to take our grandson on their canopy tour. The restaurant is amazing! Every item we've ever tasted is positively delicious. On our first visit there, we had our 10-year old granddaughter along who has multiple potentially life-threatening food allergies. The chef consulted with us personally and
  9. For our one-year anniversary since our move to Costa Rica, we decided to make the adjustment just a tad more complicated. We decided to give up animal products and eat a low fat, plant-based diet - a challenge anywhere, but particularly here where many of the vegan and vegetarian ingredients available stateside just can't be found. Last week we made a trip to San Jose and found Vishnu (sp??), the vegetarian restaurant - moments after giving up and piecing together a semi-compliant meal at a soda :-) Today we're headed to San Ramon for our weekly trip to the feria. Does anyone know of a
  10. CRF - I'm so sorry to hear that you've been hit, yet once again. I can only imagine how disheartening it is.
  11. My family on the outskirts of Phili reported feeling the house sway a bit. The kids playing outside didn't notice a thing Teri
  12. On a related note, I chuckle every time a Tico warns me that 'you can't trust anyone in Costa Rica' and then promptly gives me his/her phone number and tells me to call if they can help us with anything Teri
  13. Hi Teri, I'm just learning how this particular forum works. I replied to your query via a PM - Personal Msg. Maybe I should have replied here under 'Comments' (seems a strange name it it's for messages) -Jim

  14. Sorry - I ran out of available characters ;) I also wanted to ask how much an office visit and associated tests run there and if could recommend a specific doctor.



  15. Jim. First, let me congratulate you on your residency approval! It's a big deal and huge "whew!" - or at least it was for us.

    Second - I'd really like to know the name of the eye clinic you use. My husband has glaucoma and, while Caja will treat him for it (once we wait 6 months for an appointment), we would like to augment his care, at least for a while, wit...

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