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  1. There is a UTV/vehicle from Polaris called the Gem that meets road standards. They are compact but not really rugged as a true UTV. I test drove one in the United States and I wouldn't be too bad for most street use.
  2. I believe so. If you don't have a truck, there are plenty of guys with them who will move your things back home. The times I have been we have always used our own trucks. I have bought an on- demand hot water heater and a sump pump there. Both were about 20% cheaper than Perez Zeledon on San Jose. My farm is only about an hour and a half from there so it makes sense to travel there. If I were to go from over 3 hours away then the gas price might out weigh the savings. all depends on how much you purchase. On a side note: at one time it was the only place I could find with Guiness Stout an
  3. I have been there quite a few times. I haven't bought anything major but have been with people who have. There is a five hundred dollar limit on purchases per person per six months. You will need identification for purchases. Upon arrival you need to be validated and a piece of paper is given to you so show that you may buy anything. The validation certificate will be dated one day later than your arrival date so you can't buy on the day you receive it. There are people outside the duty free zone that will sell you their validations, or actually their time since they have to be with y
  4. As far as I can tell about the airport, the original plans to build between Palmar Sur and Sierpe seems to be on hold. There is talk of expanding the Palmar Sur airport by 400m to accept larger planes. Only time will tell.
  5. Hi Brenda, Best to spend time in the area and weigh your options. There are many opinions on VDP. See for yourself. As for real estate moving, it still seems very stagnant. The airport is still not a guaranteed and Golfito is too far away to have an effect on this area. Jimmy
  6. Greg, Once you apply for permanent residency through marriage in the U.S., the applicant may not enter the country, unless they are already on a tourist visa and present in country. You may apply for advanced parole, which will enable her to enter the country while waiting for a visa but it is not guaranteed and is always subject to the discretion of the immigration officer. I went through this with a Canadian wife and we thought of advanced parole but it was not worth the time and trouble. Her permanent residency was approved in 4 months and she was in the States already. Jim
  7. I had the same problems at one time, trying to find a caretaker at a reasonable salary. Send me a message.
  8. I had visited Uruguay and Chile many times and considered both. Both are very beautiful and the infrastructure is great. The deciding issue was the ease of getting home to the States.
  9. You'll need spanish. A hurricane could hit the area. Most of the damage from hurricanes comes in heavy rainfall. Hurricanes Cesar and Mitch rerouted the Rio Terraba with devastating rain though they both were far north of these areas. Earthquakes are felt quite often. And my last trip fishing trip just out of Golfo Dulce, one of the fishermen hooked a Hammerhead shark. The surfing is great in Pavones especially for lefties. True
  10. There are some good deals out there in these areas. As for the beachfront, that is a double edge sword. A few years ago there were threats from the government to raze some buildings in the maritime zone. Some did not have concession, some claimed they did and others who did have it. Nothing materialized but it raised many concerns with the residents. That was in Dominical. Jim Cameron, that John recommends, is a great guy. He can point you in the right direction.
  11. Some owners of property will finance the remaining portion after your down payment. This is usually not a long period of time but may be enough to get yourself situated.
  12. The Osa peninsula is divided between two cantons. Osa and Golfito. Osa which runs from Dominical to half or the peninsula has started cracking down on some developments. Some more needs to be done on illegal activity though. Some articles were run in AM Costa Rica within the past few months
  13. Paul, Try contacting ASANA. They should be able to direct you to a reliable builder. Their number is 27 87 05 42. They are located in Perez Zeledón.
  14. PJ, Ventanas has just as much positive as it does negative. I know a few people up in the development and I hear the good and bad. An opinion would have to be best produced from yourself. Spend time in the area and get to know the culture. As for getting money returned, as stated before, a lawyer would be your best asset. If you would like, send me a PM, and I can give you some more info on the area. Jim
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