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  1. Alot can be said about living in perfect weather. Even though it rains fairly heavy a couple months a year in CR, you still always get those sunny mornings and the rain at least is pretty consistent and refreshing once you become accustomed to it. Oh ya and now that you are in the US Lucy, you can call your husband a "husband" instead of the silly "esposo" moniker many use on this english language forum. Happy travels...
  2. Yes Carol, I went door to door in the ghetto doing a survey.
  3. I think it is more of a cultural thing. I noticed alot of single mothers when I lived in Jamaica also.
  4. Just a general observation. There seems to be alot of single mothers in CR.
  5. Sort of ironic, considering the sad state of fatherhood in the country.
  6. Yes, that is exactly my point. There is a safety net in Florida. Besides the basics are cheaper. Living at the beach in CR at $1200/mo. would be an absolutely miserable experience.
  7. I think you would be happier in Florida on $1200/mo. Too much can go wrong in CR that will cause you to exceed that budget. Does not leave a margin of safety IMO, especially if you are a gringo. Tico can possibly live on that budget and many (or even the majority) do but even they struggle and for a gringo I would say its close to impossible especially at the beach and especially if you want to live comfortably. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'd never consider this plan on that budget.
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