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  1. If I were you I would talk to a lawyer or two and start the process of suing him. Don't expect to get the money any time soon, but you will be causing him a big hassle and it will probably bite him eventually. Especially if your lawyer keeps pestering him with little annoyances. You just might end up owing a piece of his property equivalent to the sum he ripped you of for. He will hate that. Buena Suerte (When I got serious the other parties responded immediately both times; getting actual results surprised me)
  2. For this olde Pharte it is _very_ hard to read. Gawd Awful so far.
  3. We have a winner folks! If you only learn one thing on this forum let this be it.
  4. FWIW I had to get an uso del suelo to open a pharmacy in an existing building that had no suelo as it was all concrete. Yes, if _whatever_ is not currently there it will never get there. Caveat Emptor.
  5. I have just recently met and started to work with Randy. So far I do not smell a rat (or a thief). Seems to be a rather level headed businessman to me. I also know that there are always two sides to every story and am listening intently to both sides. Those of you who know me know I am guilty of calling a spade a spade and If I find illegal and/or unethical behavior I will be out like the proverbial light. As it stands now I feel that if potential buyers of real estate in Costa Rica don't do their own due diligence and hire their own expert inspectors and lawyers they are
  6. http://www.aldia.cr/ad_ee/2009/agosto/16/n...les2059112.html yesterday's al dia showing the difference between cr and panama look at the photos by clicking red arrows
  7. That is patently not true! Anywhere there is salt water connected to an ocean there are sharks. Most especially anywhere on the Pacific ocean. If you don't believe me just chum up the water with some chicken blood and wait an hour.
  8. We have had the pleasure of spending a day at this park. IMHO a far better value than any of the Orlando parks. Short lines, decent rides, inexpensive food. My wife and I will be going there again in the evening on a date for just the two of us this time.
  9. And _that_ is the most truthful statement on this entire forum.
  10. If the property does not already have all the utilities you need you may have to wait years. RUN!
  11. I thoroughly researched Escazu and came away laughing hilariously every time I would go on a visit. I did find a great Tico place and a great Tico price but there were some niggling details that did not fit my wife. I would have gladly lived there. Everything nearby was outrageous. IMHO the bubble will burst huge in the not too distant future. Especially when they figure out the robberies are being set up by the guards.
  12. LOL! No not you...him. IMHO if he could ride all around rohromoser pissing people off and not getting killed, normal folks will be fine. If he acted like that in the Bahamas he would have been shark food.
  13. There was an arrogant old american guy who rode a cart all over rohromoser. I think you would be fine.
  14. I was furious! I had the pleasure of being the Coral Gables People To People president for a year. We regularly set up student exchanges. If I ever would have heard of that kind of behavior by any of our host families I'm certain I would still be in jail for what I would have done to the perpetrators. IMHO they should be charged with _treason_ as they have done as much damage as any 10 terrorists. GRRRRRR!!!!!!
  15. http://edition.cnn.com/2009/US/07/15/us.ex...=rss_topstories Exchange students live American nightmare SCRANTON, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- They came from around the world hoping to spend a high school year immersed in the culture and joys of America. Instead, five young foreign exchange students found themselves caught in a nightmare of neglect, malnourishment and abandonment by those supposed to protect them. Now those five -- natives of countries stretching from Norway to Tanzania to Colombia -- are back home telling friends of a different America than they expected. And their b
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