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  1. So, why was only the ARCR forum site slow in loading? I say was because the problem appears to have been solved at least for me. Now tracert run from my machine (on a Mac using either the terminal command or the network utility) completes all hops to forums.arcr.net and the pages load faster than they did earlier.
  2. That's the correct ending of the IP address for the gateway I am using. While the packet loss may contribute to the slowness of the transmission speed, according to the traceroute I ran (ran again today also), the problem appears to be the connectivity between sc-smv2460.servint.net and cp.blackcoralgroup.net, both of which are located on servers in the US. 
  3. Below is a traceroute from my Mac in Grecia to forums.arcr.net: Traceroute has started… traceroute to forums.arcr.net (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 IP Address Deleted 7.508 ms 6.749 ms 1.746 ms 2 IP Address Deleted 28.873 ms 18.703 ms 17.745 ms 3 IP Address Deleted 9.703 ms 13.589 ms 10.285 ms 4 IP Address Deleted 12.339 ms 13.157 ms 15.098 ms 5 ( 14.124 ms * * 6 ( 16.496 ms 20.191 ms 32.140 ms 7 200.122.19
  4. Paul, I just checked the Blue Cross/Blue Shield website and it appears that Hospital CIMA is also in-system. https://international.mondialusa.com/bcbsa/index.asp?page=login You will need to login with your BCBS ID. Moez
  5. Look at the last paragraph of article 67 of Law 7527 at the following link (Official site of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Costa Rica): http://www.asamblea.go.cr/ley/ley7000.htm Loose translation: If the rent is in a foreign currency, then the rent cannot be adjusted during the term of the contract.
  6. Here you go. http://portal.ins-cr.com/General/Marchamo/
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