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  1. Thanks Paul, although I've been to Costa Rica a couple times before I've never had to deal with any business or administrative offices before...I've never made an international call...just booked flights, rented cars and started driving(with relatives addresses). I've always made a point of driving around both the Osa and Nicoya pinininsula areas(via costal and cerra de la Muerte)for a week or so before relatives, so I have a good sence of CR life. I'm an 'Administrative' foreigner...so I'll work on that. 😁 Thanks for the advice...I'll check out the call times and Skype. P
  2. Thanks...I'm aware of that law, I'm not under twenty five(I'm almost retired) and my mother didn't think to give us dual citizenship when she left Costa Rica. ☺️
  3. I just realized this is an information only area...maybe a moderator could move it to the next area? 😏 Thanks, Alan
  4. I have a general question about contacting the ARCR through their information. First off, I've called their new number 506-4052-4052 from the US without respsonce...is there a specific area code I'm missing? (001?). Second...do they ever answer their emails? (info@arcr.net) I've emailed them twice without response. I'm new to ARCR but not Costa Rica...my mother was born there, I have hundreds of relatives that I've visited over the years, and my aunt has already given an application to Immigration a few years ago.(l was told I have to show up in person after the Consulet in LA said
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