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  1. Gail, There's a rather lot of paperwork and permissions required to import medicines into Costa Rica. Have you tried checking with any of the larger private pharmacies in the Central Valley for you medicine? One of them might have it. Or they might have an equivalent compound for the medicine you need. If the latter is the case then you will need to go to a CR doctor for an evaluation/exam to see if he will write you a scrip for the medicine you need. Have you done a search of the ARCR Forums archives here? Importing medicines was discussed at some length only recently.
  2. You might do well to try going into the local super mercados or pulperias –or one of those little hole-in-the-wall bill payment places– in the neighborhood(s) or areas that you are interested in. There is usually a bulletin board with 3 by 5, cards etc. with hand-written announcements posted somewhere in those stores/offices and on those BBs there will be ads for rental places. That's one way that ticos look for rentals. Also word-of-mouth . . . Ask the waitress at the soda or restaurant you patronize. Someone will often know who's got something for rent, maybe a relative of the pers
  3. Hi JS, This is a very old thread (from ten years ago) and when this thread began there was a suggestion that it might be wiser, since nothing was really built there yet at that time that investigating some other developments which were actively building homes could be a wiser choice. If now, ten years later, there are still very few or no dwellings completed in this development it would still be wise to consider some other development that is active. Furthermore, a visit to this development would be useful especially if you could contact some to the homeowners in the development and
  4. Perhaps we can't, but they ought to –and should– be required to substantiate what they report so that others who are interested can verify the information. PM ==
  5. Suggesting in unsubstantiated fashion that China has committed an act of war by manufacturing a global virus and that they should be retalliated against with a nuclear attack is not sensible. Not sensible when that report has be shown by Snopes.com to be false. Spreading such unfounded concerns can only cause unnecessary panic in sectors of the public so should not be encouraged without verification from reliable sources. PM ==
  6. REMINDER! Be civil when posting replies! Replies are welcome, but if a member cannot reply in polite fashion to another member's post then s/he should just not reply. Abusive posts will absolutely not be tolerated so, members who cannot make a civil reply may be placed on moderated status, suspended from posting, or even removed from the Forums without further comment. Thank You – Moderator - -
  7. Newman, how do you substantiate your claims here? You cite no reliable news source to verify that any of what you have posted is fact. This pandemic is nothing more than a very serious health concern and as such it is a wholly non-partisan organism: The virus doesn't care who you are, whether you are black, white, green, male or female; it is an equal opportunity, non-discriminatory, infectious organism. As such it makes no sense for some malicious entity or faction to release an infectious agent which would also infect and kill them as well! Please stop with the consi
  8. Okay Gents. Okay to disagree but please be sure y'all keep things civil. Thanx! PM ==
  9. Dennis, it might help a little if you could project yourself into thinking like a squatter does; he is a tico after all. That could help give you some insight and or ideas for how to proceed. And cutting down your trees on your property could, in the eye of CR law, actually be tantamount to improving a part of your property for the squatter's use even if it appears that part or all of a property is being used by a squatter without any protest from the owner. In such an instance a takeover of it can eventually be effected. The building inspector should be able to tell you where la M
  10. Do not delay Dennis! This is a problem which needs to be dealt with immediately. A squatter gain rights to a property by 1] the amount of time s/he is on it AND, 2] if they've made any 'improvements' to the property. Cutting down trees is considered by the CR Govt. to be an improvement even if you don't consider it so. Furthermore to retrieve one's squatted upon property from squatters who have made such 'improvements' one must pay the squatters for those 'improvements.' Do not Dawdle, Dennis! / Do not wait 'til Monday!! Take action now and it is probably highly advisable
  11. Yes, and it it a time-critical situation. Eventually over time they can gain rights to remain on & even own the property. Too bad for the owner –and for the neighbors! It is imperative that you act quickly because the longer that the squatters remain on that property the more rights CR Law allows for them to stay there, eventually permanently! You would likely benefit from engaging a lawyer if the local police won't remove them. You might also want to contact ARCR and ask for some suggstions for how to proceed. But do not dawdle about dealing with this. During the first sev
  12. Try this alternate number: (506) 2220-0055 If you're calling from the US try using Skype. It's fairly cheap though you would have to first sign up (free) and then buy some SkypeOut Minutes. BTW, the number I pasted in above is the one I use to reach the operator at ARCR. Also check their office hours on the ARCR website and remember that CR is on Central time but does not observe DST. Also there are quite a few holidays in CR and you may have inadvertently called them on a day that they're closed. And, no they may not answer emails promptly -or maybe at all if you're not a p
  13. Erin, Sounds to me like your architect is playing the old 'bait & switch' game with you. Do you have a signed contract with him which specifies the work he was to do and for how much? ¡Puena Suerte! Paul M. ==
  14. Hi Kim, I chose to maintain a checking account in the US (where my SSA pension was deposited) when I went to CR. I eventually opened an account at Banco Nacional (BN) and after six months I was allowed to deposit personal checks from my US bank (credit union, actually) in my BN account. In the beginning there was a 3-week float before the funds were released to me so I just deposited it far enough ahead of time that the money would become availabe to me at the time I needed to use it. After about three months I went in to the Plataforma in BN and spoke to a customer service person
  15. JCP, This is critically important advice from David. Do not ever use the seller's attorney; you want your own attorney who's working for YOU! And still, you do need to thoroughly vet any attorney whom you intend to use. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
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