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  1. Interesting discution, on the new paper el financiero is a very good article about the economie and is problem in CR by JUAN CARLOS HIDALGO / 23 JUL 2013 it is in espaƱol but google translate do a pretty good job http://www.elfinancierocr.com/blogs/por_la_libre/agotamiento-modelo-mercantilista-costarricense_7_341435854.html sincerely
  2. Good Morning, Costarica Finca was talking about a personal phone line that could be difficult to get from the ICE. Here is what happen with me. / years ago I got a property in San Ramon de Alajuela, on the main Road with all the phone lines passing in front of it. The ICE did not want to give a line saying that none where available for personal, I spend many time inside the gerant office disputing the problem, probably for 6 months, about twice a week.It was not possible until one day somebody there in the discussion said the magic word. If only you where a business it say. As I have th
  3. Am Costa Rica by G.M.Baker Link http://www.amcostarica.com/index.htm
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