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  1. Here's some natural pools http://www.tripadvisor.com/TripNews-a_ctr.natpoolsEN
  2. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW If you don't do your "due dillagance" than it may come back to bite you later! When you drive along the north side of Arenal and you see all the BIG pretty white whirligigs then "yes" it "might" be a little windy! (A world class wind surfing destination might be a tip....ya think?) When you think about buying property on the side of a volcano, browning of the skin of the tomatoes your trying to grow may be the least of your problems. If everywhere you look it's dry and dusty....yes it probably dosn't get as much rain.......oh! And it probably gets HOT! Look before y
  3. As I recall it was right next to the rubbing alcohol just like it is in the US. We asked an employee if they had it in our not so great Spanish and he said no. But we kept looking and finally found it, I think the spray bottle threw us off until we picked it up and read the label. Oh and I recall earlier we had seen it in another store but didn't reconise what it was.
  4. I know this thread is old but we were in CR two weeks ago and bought this Aqua Oxigenada in, I think it was Maxi Pas right off the shelf (not in the Pharmacy) Also years back we were in David, Panama and bought all kinds of kitchen things (silverware, dishes, a table&chairs) etc... For a family we were staying with in David. As I remember in downtown David there were many stores very similar to the U.S. With just about anything you would want, not sure about prices but at the time we thought things were pretty inexpensive. When we were riding a bus I remember seeing a large mall that
  5. The problem with the way kids are growing up today is showing up in our society. Today kids (and adults) spend their time staring at their phones! Getting in touch with someone isn't the in-personable act of talking to them on the phone....nooo, now it's texting! That way we don't even have to interact with them, just send a text! It never ceases to amaze me when ever we go out to dinner or breakfast these days I look around and everyone is staring at there phones! The other morning there was the perfect family, a father, mother, daughter and son, all sitting there at their booth and all four
  6. Good points, and actually I agree. But I guess my "writing" didn't quite convey what I felt, and what I think a lot of people think! So I got this email today, you can read it and decide for your self (I'm not attacking YOU I'm just addressing everyone reading this), anyway if everyone thinks that things are better in the direction that we are going as a nation than I guess that's your (the people's) opinion! I'm sorry that I don't think that we are headed in a better direction! Oh well! Here's the email; First, we survived being born to mothers Who smoked and/or drank while
  7. Very valid points....and I agree with them. But it's the way that the vary fabric of the U.S. is being ripped apart everyday. Like the removing of prayer, the pledge of allegiance and individuality in our schools! The disintegration of the basic family! The dishonesty and total lack of responsibility of our leaders (all parties). There definataly have been some good things happen since the 50s, but it's the way our very culture is changing. I know that nothing is going to change immediately, but on the other hand change is inevitable, it will happen! I just hope it's for the better. In th
  8. T&V The problem with careing or not caring what is going on in the US is that whether you believe it or not the United States is intertwined in Costa Rica as well as dozens of other countries throuout the globe! They say that society's throuout history have only lasted about 200 years! If you look closely at what is going on in the United States it's easy to see the degradation of its core values. Nothing is the same as it was, say in the 50s. Everywhere you look they are changing the basic values that made the U.S. a great country, in religion, schools, business and rights. If the Unit
  9. I think that most people reading this are "legal" aliens, or at least trying to be. The problem with the US Government is that they seem to have forgot the meaning of one itty bitty word! Just one! "ILLEGAL"
  10. BACK ON POINT Obamacare? You decide! I have a friend who owns a paint store (in California) he was told that he had to find new insurance coverage under the new Obamacare rules. His old premium was around $700.00 a month with a $5000.00 deductible for he and his wife. Under the new "plan" his "affordable" care changed to around $900.00 a month with a $12,000.00 deductible! Affordable? What a joke! BUT! On the other hand I just talked to another friend (who lives in Idaho), she is a massage therapist and I'm sure she reports a fraction of her total earnings. She probably pans out as "dest
  11. Yes Eleanor I plan on "finding" as much natural plants as possible (as I have done in my current pond), but sometimes to get the really beautiful Lilly flowers you have to eather buy or find a source for them which I will be keeping my eyes open for them.
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