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  1. This is all great food for thought. I will continue to explore all my options and post on here if I need anything else. Thanks all.
  2. Not sure if there is an blanket answer to this, but what would be the budget for a long term rental in Tamarindo. We aren't into fancy or frills but want to be at least walking distance to the beach. Two bed, two bath seems to cost about $700 a month but does this include utilities? We are looking about 900 to 1000 square feet, gated, communal pool, internet. When we tour units, is it acceptable to see utility bills? I'm trying to put together a budget to ensure we are saving enough. I'd like to do it between $1500 and $2000 a month.
  3. I appreciate all the advise and agree that we will be renting for a while first. Tamarindo will be our first stop - what is the easiest way to find rental properties. Can a company like Remax help us or perhaps an English language paper?
  4. Looking for thoughts on buying a condo in Tamarindo from anyone who lives here. Looking at Ville Verde. Is buying smart? What is Tamarindo really like? I lead a somewhat active lifestyle and love to eat out and play golf. Thoughts?
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