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  1. My pleasure everyday is my husbands smile and my 3 puppies... I rescued one from the street 4 years ago and she was 5 days pregnant... 62 days later we had 5 puppies.... we kept 2 and found homes for the other 3 after I had them fixed. Life is a present and I love each day. I have fought 3.5 years with this cancer that normally gives a woman 6 months or less.... attitude is all.....
  2. Boy you sure got smart fast, MY husband and I have lived here 5 years and have learned a great deal. You should rent and then we bought. We live in Sarchi close to Palmarares and Naranjo. Biggest problem is I have terminal cancer and must go to my home town in the states for chemo... the waiting list and types of chemo are not available.here in Costa Rica.. I did spend 3 days this past week in Hospital Catolica and it was not too bad the bill. their service CAT scans etc is exceptional.... any questions shoot me an email.... Ronni
  3. No politician listens and besides if it involves saving money... they certainly don't want to hear it...Example....I just returned Dec from 4.5 months in the United States... cost of 6 rounds of chemotherapy port a cath placement and 1 CAT scan was $118,600.00. Medicare paid $33000.00.. cost of chemo (yes I have had in done here in Costa Rica privately) in Costa Rica $31900... what a savings... cost of treatment at CAJA 0 if you can wait your turn long enough without dying...I chose not to... next go around of chemo coming up as it did not work... don't know if I will go back to the states or
  4. Thanks Ronnie, sorry you are having such a rough time. We will contact you again when we get to SJ.

    We want to look at places in the central valley and also a quick look at the Caribbean before spending a few days in Samara (we enjoyed the beach there before). Anytime you feel up to commenting on any town we would welcome it. Do you know the caribbean coast well?


  5. Social Security has 2 parts.. A and B. part A is free and Part B is $96.00 a month.. you can opt out of the $96.00 a month by either calling social security or by going on line.. if you are already paying it will take about 3 months til they stop deducting it from your checki... Part A is for hospital expenses and Part B is for Doctors, chemotherapy, CAT scans etc...
  6. They must make up figures as they go along. I have had CAJA fo 4 years am a rentista and so my income shows 552,000 colones a month.. We pay 31,800 colones for 2 of us both over 55....My Canadian friends who live 4 houses down pay 19,120 for their CAJA..same income.... go figure... I tried talking to them and was told it is what it is and we don't change figures... Yeah like clockwork things change here all the time.... and not always for the better...
  7. laura, I live 15 minutes from Palmares.. It is heading toward the beach from my house in Sarchi, nice town.. I think around 45000 people.. When we have lunch I will give you the info... The palmares fiesta is there every January.. largest in the country... Homes run the gamut from teeny to mansions... R
  8. [ I agree with that saying 100%. Laura this part of the Costa Rican law was reversed last year..It was called discrimination... the reason behind it originally was that they wanted to make sure the woman was not pregant and the new guy got stuck... so now with DNA testing etc... they repealed the law....Here is what it used to say.. "According to Costa Rica marriage customs, a woman must wait 300 days from wither the death of her husband or the date of the divorce decree before she is allowed to remarry"
  9. I will add that when Dan Browns movie "the Divinci Code" came out it was the within 3 days of being released in the states...
  10. okay Costaricafina who do they look like? Which side of the family is the resemblence.. Ronni ps they are adorable..
  11. I own my home in Sarchi, never went through a real estate person, no problems.. but what I do want to say is that the amount of bad publicity you have given them could have been solved had they just paid you some attention and paid the legal bills..been upfront and honest and honorable... Now I will never reccommend them and how much will that cost them??? Its amazing to me that people want to not solve problems and then they want others to recommend them... well consider this... I would never recommend a company that turned its back on one of its customers..No matter who that company w
  12. [ ummm I am guilty.. I did not know there was a calendar.. calendar I think of paying bills and birthdays
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