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  1. We paid the architect a flat fee of $5,000. We made our own design drawings with all measurements including doors, windows etc. for indoors and out. The architect drew them up - we checked them (sent them back a few times as their measurements on the drawings were not correct as per our drawings). When all was right they sent them off to the college and we had the house built. Good luck with your build!
  2. We always attach a small stainless steel dish with the hooks on it to the inside of the door. Pet stores sell these for birds and they are not expensive. The leash attached to the crate is a good idea. We always had one in the bag with the water/food.
  3. Hi Lucybelle, We have shipped and flown with many dogs over the years with great success. We have never had a problem. Once when we were delayed for many hours in London (after we had already checked the dogs in) due to mechanical issues with the plane I was escorted downstairs into the secure baggage area. I had been very worried about where they were being held and if they needed to get out of their crates as we had a 9 hour flight still to go. I was very relieved to see them in a comfortable airconditioned Manager's office not stressed in the least. I got to take them out and stay with them
  4. Hi, Not sure where you are in Canada and whether it might be the same in your province - BC offers the following: In some circumstances, while temporarily outside the province for work or vacation, individuals may retain eligibility for coverage during an ‘extended absence’ of up to 24 consecutive months, once in a 60 month (five year) period. To find out if you qualify, more information on extended absences is available on the MSP website. I spoke with the folks at MSP and it was very easy to get the 2 year absence in every 5 years. It is not counted January to December so it works
  5. We are also counting the days... Today in balmy BC it is 9F which to us is unbearable. Quite the departure from the temperatures you mention Dana. Seems longer than 3 weeks ago that we were basking in those temperatures while in CR. Cold temps affects ones memory.
  6. The posts on that link are all from June - July 2012? Have you seen anything more recent?
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