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  1. Appears almost every governmental agency is looking hard for ways to generate potential revenue. ( Link Below) : http://news.co.cr/medical-marijuana-9-million-potential-revenue-for-costa-rica/38335/
  2. Most of the India folks are living in the USA now, is anyone even there to accept a transfer?
  3. Costa Rica, U.S. and many others intentions related to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) are stated below: http://www.ticotimes.net/2015/02/17/us-latin-american-leaders-push-hard-for-proposed-trans-pacific-partnership
  4. Costa Rica needs every dollar, every dollar counts that flows into Costa Rica, no matter who it came from. Costa Rica needs not only tourist dollars but gringo dollars, pensionado dollars and most important, business dollars. Here is what Mr. Solis just said at the U.S.A. business summit: ▪ Despite stability, growth and focus on education, poverty is still a big problem: Solis said that 21 percent of the country’s population of 5 million is considered poor or extremely poor. “Structural poverty has been a problem for generations,” Solis said. “It’s an economic problem, a social problem
  5. Black, White, Yellow, Red, Brown, we are all just passing through, really doesn't matter what a person choses to call their status, as long as they are legal and respect others !
  6. Lol ! What will a "box" of el "Grosso" set a person back, more or less than $2?
  7. Any recent new information or status regarding the proposed new southern zone airport, the "Pavones Point" resort and Golfito port projects? There is a new proposed beachfront resort project called "Pavones Point" and a website as well. Website stated prices start at 425K USD to live at the longest warm water left surfing pointbreak in the world. Read also that major development at the port in Golfito including hotels and stores in the "duty free" shopping zone, have been approved. Any additional news or status anyone? Thank You In Advance, Regards
  8. The questions many of us new "Boomers" have when searching for ideal retirement or travel destinations are some of the same as the previous "Boomers" before us. Now with all the new social media tools and information so readily available, the top locations and "bang for the buck" destinations are rapidly changing. For sure, we are living in a changing and very dynamic world! Becoming a resident in Costa Rica is a significant investment in time and dollars, also planning, building and maintaining a residence is a huge commitment to supporting Costa Rica and its people. The new laws and mand
  9. Since the wife and I already have pre-paid medical through our pensions in the USA, do we elect to join the CAJA or take two round trip flights and a fourteen day cruise from the US, per year? Tough choices relating to present and promised future CAJA increases.
  10. Very true, agree, that is why I am on the fence, due to the fact more "actual living time" is needed by my spouse and I, before deciding if and where to become a permanent resident.
  11. Used to say Costa Rica but now I am on the fence. Need to spend additional time in Panama before forming an opinion.
  12. Hi All, Does Costa Rica and Panama have the same requirement for Pensionado's regarding having to spend at least one day per year there? Have not read much related to this rule or law, anyone? Thank You
  13. There was a recent article in a local CR online newspaper stating Dan Mack Fowlie (aka-"The King Of Pavones") is returning to Costa Rica soon to settle many land disputes in the Southern Zone area of Pavones. Does anyone know if this is fact or have any information ? Thank You In Advance !
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