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  1. Thanks everybody! (this is my 45th post.) I think I'll go post 5 more times today and see what happens tomorrow!
  2. I've been a member here since September 2012, and have posted 42 times without getting censored. When will my status change from "New Member?"
  3. I just renewed my passport at the US Embassy in San Jose. Really pleasant & easy! I had an appointment for 9;30 am, but arrived there at about 9:15. They finished the 9:00 am appointments, then took me. I was done by 9:35! They didn't take my old passport at that time. I got an email from them 7 days later that my new one was ready to pick up. (I didn't pay a rush fee, they were just that quick!) I didn't want to make the 4 hour drive back to pick it up, so I asked if I could have a friend pick it up for me. I just had to send my receipt for the $110 I paid for the new one, alo
  4. I will add to the advice above to rent first! I have been renting in the Playa Hermosa area, and while I love the community, I have found that the longer I live in the area, the more opinionated I become about what I really want in a home. The first house I rented for only 3 months was nicely furnished and decorated and had a pool in a nice convenient location, BUT it was located "under the canopy" with lush foliage all around it. The mosquitos ate me alive there and I couldn't even use the pool! I'm currently renting a beautiful 3 bedroom condo with a fabulous ocean view, walki
  5. Wow! $300 for a 5 hour trip is really high! Is that for just one person? I just returned from a wonderful trip to Granada Nicaragua. Spent 3 days at a cute hotel (Casa San Francisco) that cost about $62 per night for 2 of us, and included breakfast. We went by bus from Liberia, which took about 4 1/2 hours each way, including the time wasted at the border. The bus trip was in a luxury bus with padded seats & A/C, cost was $52 round trip per person and it is the same price if you get on in San Jose. Border fees were $14/per person going in to Nicaragua, and $4 coming back. (Tha
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