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  1. Newman I understand The U.S. is in a pickle, but, I wonder why the dollar has gone up against the colones in just the last few days. Seems to me it would be taking a hit against all currencies. Maybe the central bank knows something we don't? BTW Happy New Year
  2. My wife and I are making tamales today. For about 120 tamales she has spent approx. 40,000 colonies. I don't know how you could make 100 of them for 6,000. FYI Paul, they are tamales, not tamal. Tamal is more or less pudding.
  3. Maybe your mix is a little wet. Might try mixing a bit dryer.
  4. I went to all the links and found hardly any of them condemning coconut oil. The FDA says they have no evidence that it is bad for your health. Could you be more precise in your links?
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