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  1. Hi to all, Looking for guidance on accounting/taxes in CR. Is it mandatory to have an account file to pay tax on profits? Any guidance or experience with this process would be appreciated. Any location online to access forms and info? thank you, ron
  2. Hi to all, I have a studio in Coco that i rent for $475/month on long term lease. ron
  3. We have a 40 gallon electric tank which is the storage for the solar water panel. I built it using basic technology. The electric tank is turned on when we have several cloudy days. One important clarification is to know the entrance water temperature. If nothing else having a storage tank that preheats the water from the entrance temp to room temperature will improve the efficiency of any system. Our tank is in an insulated closet with an insulated cover on the tank. The collector is just outside on the roof at a lower level. It is a convection flow system . To s attempt to stay around t
  4. You can eliminate battery banks and the cost by installing a grid tied system. This basically turns the meter in reverse. In our system our goal was to bring our overall electrical cost down . If you look at the kwh cost on ICE or other electrical providers you will note that residential power costs less for the first 200kwh. We live in a climate where we do not need A/C, so it is easier to use closer to the 200 kwh per month Then the price per kwh goes up after that level of usage. In my opionion the most cost effective first step is solar water heating. Then efficiency of appliances and ligh
  5. I would like to emphasize a couple of points made here. Drainage and ventalation. Many houses do not have a "stink pipe". It not only causes an oder, but can cause problems with flushing your toilet due to a vacuum on the line. Make sure your roof extends away from the house. This can be important with driving rain. Install gutters that will support a heavy rain. Make sure the collection boxes" "caja de registro" are ample size to handle the water volume. Most new houses should have a design that separates the grey water from the septic"aguas negras". The grey water should go to a gr
  6. Hi, I am planning to build a new home in the next year . This will be my fouth project. This will be a modest pre fab and I will probably have a company build it to the the level of "obra Griz". You can see the prices and options at this site: http://www.concreblockcr.com/disenos-casas.php I mention this company only as an an example. I have never used them, but plan to consult with them during the planning process. Many companies of this type have plans which are Visados. Look at the ofertas section for partial or complete construction or packages that include all materials and no labor
  7. hi Lucy, We have had problems in the past with getting our mail. We have had 100% success with Box Correos and jetbox. Box Correos is part of the Cost Rica mail http://boxcorreos.com/boxcorreos/ Box Correos is faster and less expensive best of luck, ron
  8. We have traveled to Ecuador 3 times in the the last 2 years and have found prices very low compared to Costa Rica. With gas at $1 a gallon the econmony seems to be well. It is my understanding that residency and importing household items are less expensive also. ron
  9. I have read on the internet that a building permit is not need for less than 70 square meters. Can anyone confirm this informaiton or refer me to a source for this info? Thank you for any assistance you might provide, Ron
  10. Gambler, I am not really sure about how you ended your post............blush from a box.......? If you want more familiar and safe don't change anything.
  11. In the process of building a new house and purchasing and renting properties in Costa Rica I have noticed that often times the system of ventalation for the septic is non existant or marginal. I have seen this in old, but also in relatively new construction. Specifically non exisistant traps in the drain of the shower, and other sinks, etc. This topic might be of interest if you building or preparing to purchase a house. You might consider the following when constructing or renting, Does you current shower drain have a trap? Do you have a vent stack on the roof? Do all sink
  12. Thank you, My wife spoke with another person who mentioned the same date(FEB 8). With alot of information in Costa Rica I use what I call "triangulation" I ask 3 different sources and if I get 3 different answers, I keep asking untill a concensus forms. Saludos, ron
  13. Does anyone have information about the public school schedule/calender. When does school start specifically? Thank you, Ron
  14. Hello to all, Can anyone advise if they have had use of an escrow account for the deposit of a buy/sell contract offer. I have had other buying transactions in CR and have not used this option, but would like this option to secure a deposit. Certainly I will consult with my lawyer to prepare the offer contract. Thank you in advance for any information, Ron
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