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  1. Where are you Jessica? Esterillos? I have been looking in the Central Pacific for something to bring some rental income.
  2. I have also been researching the idea of a rental property here. So far the numbers do not add up. I have spoken to many that have had rental properties and most just do not make money. They may break even or even lose. I am still looking because I know it is possible to realize an income but to find the right deal, in the right location, with lower risk is bit difficult to say the least. I would love to hear from others who do have rental properties here and what their experience has been.
  3. Much Thanks Sectorbets and Johnhw. That is what I wanted to hear.
  4. Thanks Dana, I hope that is the case. I will be curious to see what you find out. You mention a idea of offering medicare with the private ins option and that makes sense. Problem with that is that insurance companies dont make out like bandits and the govt cant implement a forced tax across the board. Lots of money going on with this one. Again it is not about what is right or what the people want. It is about money and power as usual.
  5. So, everyone has a opinion but nobody has a answer? I dont care if you drink kool aid or not or what you think about this bill. It is what it is and we will have to deal with whatever they have decided that we have to deal with. I am just tryin to figure out how much expats are effected if at all.
  6. cyndi there is a huge difference in that CR already has a system and infrastructure in place which by the way is drastically different than what is going through in the US. The US is in the midst of extreme economic distress and extreme debt. US is in no economic position to hinder economic growth and jobs with the largest tax increase in its history. The system needs help but now is not the time and this bill is not the answer. aNYWAY STILL NEED ANSWERS TO HOW THIS WILL EFFECT EXPATS
  7. I did not really want to open a can of worms or a political discussion. I just want to know how this will effect expats. by the way, I cant vote rep or dem because they both are crooks. I cant stand Bush and really thought he would go down in history as the worst pres ever until Obama took office. Pointing fingers across the aisle is what they want us to do. They want us to believe that the parties are different but fact is they both represent the same people
  8. Just wonderin how Obamacare bill will impact expats in CR. Will expats be required to carry acceptable insurance in the US since Caja most likely will not be acceptable coverage under this plan? Would hate to have to pick up a additional policy or have to pay penalty for not having US insurance. Anyone have any info on this?
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