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  1. Although the comment may be offensive to some, there may be some truth to it as well. The "whiten up a bit" comment was not neccessary though. Look in the US. This happens all the time. Foreigners marry to gain residency in the US. Who am I to judge someone else to why they are getting married? That's none of my business.
  2. Hello Chantal.

    Thanks for the information.

    We already got a place and are happy with it. Thank you!


  3. I have a 2 bedroom home in San Isidro de Grecia in a secured location. Please let me know if I can assist. My parents live next door, so I know the neighbors!!


  4. Hi David...

    We are looking to rent for atleast a year if it works out. Having it furnished is ideal but it's not a must.


  5. Hi,

    When and for how long are you looking for this rental house? And do you want furnished or not?


  6. Looking to network and make new friends in Costa Rica. We are excited to be leaving soon.

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