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  1. I just checked the rate at: http://indicadoresec...Ventanilla.aspx and it jumped to 513 as of 6:41 tonight!! Can you believe that I exchanged some $ yesterday at 508... So I lost 500 colones for each $100. I am so happy I could do that for others!
  2. Good stuff!! All you youngsters should heed this advice. I will be 75 in two weeks, and have witnessed so many older people who do not have the will power to keep exercising. It is simply a matter of getting off the couch and using the body for what it was designed for - activity. Yes, it gets more difficult with each passing year, but it also becomes more important. Nuf said!
  3. According to an email I received today, this link gives the positive spin on this: Spirit's solution to the carry-on crisis If you have time, watch the video clip of their CEO... Comments???
  4. It is down to 517 and 518 this morning. Maybe we should buy as many colones as we can NOW! This is updated daily: Retail traders exchange rates
  5. This may not be what you wish to know, but about 4 or 5 years ago, I met a RE agent and here is her contact information: Linda McCrerey Coldwell Banker Dominical Realty Sales & Marketing Associate Playa Dominical, Costa Rica 1-877-309-9238 Toll Free (506) 787-0223 (506) 787-0220 Business fax linda@dominicalrealty.com www.dominicalrealty.com I have not been in touch since October 2005, so she may not be there now. Or maybe some one at that agency can give advice.
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