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  1. Contact me here if issues found. TG
  2. Too bad. You can't! The forums are like the Hotel California. You can check in but you can never leave. Now for all of you living in the USA and who have lost your sense of humor or are so goofy with political correctness etc: That was a JOKE!! Sort of. In the often unexplained world of programmers, those good folks failed to give you a way to leave the forums. We almost never get requests to leave but we do get questions how to stop the notifications. So... here is how! In order to remove all subscriptions, do the following once signed in as them. Account
  3. Welcome! These Forums are open to anybody but we do have some pretty simple rules to follow when registering. Failure to follow the rules means no admittance, First, read this http://forums.arcr.net/index.php?/guidelines/ OK... Didn't get the link after registering? Check your SPAM folder. Often there are issues if you are using AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail. We suggest GMAIL. We do NOT permit the use of ANY proxy servers, VPNs etc. when registering nor do we permit ANY inaccuracies. NONE. After you have successfully registered, VPNs etc are just fine. We suggest that you do
  4. Your Forum Master... that would be ME, may have broken these forums not allowing new posts for the past few days. This is a test post to see if I have fixed the prob. Thanks to T&VSmith for bringing this to my attention. Sorry for any inconvenience! TG
  5. WELL THAT was fun! I think it is fixed. Problems? EMAIL ME. Do not post here please. TG webmaster at ARCR.net
  6. All new users require admin or moderator approval. Sadly, at this time we are receiving blank registration forms (no name or other info) and we can see only the email. I am working on this and when I have a fix, I will notify by email those affected users to re-register. I am sorry for the problem! TG
  7. This is an urgent and critical message to all of our members. Over the weekend, a massive cyber attack took place worldwide affecting 200 countries and several hundred thousand people. The initial attack, known as “WannaCry,” paralyzed computers that run Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway and thousands of other companies and government agencies worldwide in what is believed to be the biggest online extortion scheme ever recorded. If you or your company use Microsoft Windows products, it is imperative that you upgrade your systems and apply patches released by
  8. This is a bit hard for me to get my head around, but I opened these forums with the ARCR 14 years ago this month. May, 2003. Happy birthday to everyone@
  9. I had to upgrade the ARCR forums today. LOTS of changes! I had no choice because the publisher no longer was supporting the old version. As of this minute there are a ton of tasks running in the backgroud. Those tasks are triggered by forum activity (people logged in and browsing the site), and until they finish, some of the layout may not be correct, such as quotes, signatures, lists, images, etc. Be patient! You can express how much you like or hate the new format, but really, there was and is no option B. TG
  10. I stopped using WU a few months ago.. They make it near impossible to use their services for ongoing (incoming) transactions. However, Maybe for just one outbound transfer they will be OK. I doubt you will have an issue. India is no third world country so again should be no issue. TG
  11. It's a lot of work to moderate and control those classified programs. Beside,. bigger numbers are more impressive.
  12. Eleanor My advice was not related to Guatemala City. The warnings are country wide and come from a variety of sources. She may do just fine, but when the tourism group in Guatemala actually suggests armed private escorts... well... I know of no place here in CR that is similar. We also do not have roving gangs on major highways away from San Jose that ambush visitors. Guatemala has some serious issues as they are the last point of entry to Mexico and are heavily controlled by the cartels and gangs, and I felt it a good idea to tell her so she can take appropriate precautions.
  13. Need to say something here.... As forums members know, I do not post much anymore because we have such a HUGE selection of knowledgeable members who give the right answers! Now my job and Paul's is pretty much stopping SPAMMERS BUT... This study in Guatemala thing is a really BAD idea imho. Guatemala along with a couple of countries nearby (Mexico and El Salvador) form a triad that is now considered more dangerous than Afghanistan. (US State Dept) While this once was a beautiful country (and still is), it is simply not safe for tourist travel unless you have contracted with priv
  14. Hi I updated the forums software today... lotsa new stuff... so explore a bit. Try out the "View New Content" and its options... makes repeat visits more fun and efficient. As always, report my screw-ups to me at webmaster @ arcr.net TG
  15. I am so sorry to her that... again. My memory is not as it once was.... But... If you folks are still living in the Guapiles/Cariari area (NOT the Cariari near San Jose), that area is experiencing an enormous increase in crime. It was bad 2-3 years ago, but since mid 2010, it has become MUCH worse. Not sure why. My wife is from there, and has many (7) family members. In just her little family... six violent robberies (three with guns) and one shooting (very serious but not fatal). Bad odds. Limon is the "forgotten" province so I am not at all surprised at the lack o
  16. Scorp? Have you listed your home here in the For Sale forum? TG
  17. All I know is that they send more SPAM than any company I know of. TG
  18. Whirlpool Easier to service and better availability of parts. TG
  19. Yahoo has begun to reject ALL email from our forums. If you have a Yahoo email, you will no longer receive forum notifications, PM, etc. If you are a new registrant, you will NOT get the verification email. I would urge all members to obtain a GMAIL account and use that for your email needs. Should you wish to complain to or contact Yahoo regarding this issue: contact them at http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/edit/forms_index.html The error we are getting are: Delay reason: SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: host d.mx.mail.yahoo.com [209.191.8
  20. Sorry AT... wish I had an answer. Just like routing TO the US is controlled by RACSA, anything FROM the US is controlled by that server group... Simply not possible to analyze. I did report your problem and the others to RACSA (through a good connection I know) a few hours ago.... it is possible they have fixed the routers. In any case.... the problem for now has disappeared. TG
  21. OK... Finca? Your packet loss is negligible as of this minute, but as you are in CR, your are affected by RACSA issues. Ciclista... you are in the US and thus not affected by RACSA... YET Grumbler... You are using a VPN so while I can see you, see your hidden IP and know you are using a VPN, this means I cannot provide you with more info. That use of the VPN will affect everything. You want help? Give me a call, but I know you are affected as the others by RACSA issues. This ends it... now we know! TG
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