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  2. Fully custom home designed by the owner/artist to exact standards in 2017. Under roof at 2,200 SqFt and with the two decks it's at 2,690 SqFt. Elevated off the ground by 24 steel columns, the home sits atop a mountain ridge at 3,500 feet of Elevation featuring stunning views of the Gulf of Nicoya to the west and the city/valley lights to the east. Video: Photos: ReMax listing: https://www.remax-centralamerica.com/costa-rica/puriscal-barbacoas/alta-vista-001631136028 The home features 2 large bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms complete with walk-in live-in-the-view showers and an office/study. The fully open living room, dining room, and kitchen concept create a warm and inviting atmosphere that easily lends itself to fantastic entertaining possibilities. The large laundry room holds a washer, dryer, and freezer, has a built-in sink and plenty of counter space and numerous cabinets for storage and pantry use. The home has 2 deck/patio areas – one large deck facing the Gulf at 425 SqFt and a smaller deck off the 2nd bedroom which faces the eastern sunrise at 65 SqFt. Between the main deck and the dining room is a bar that can be utilized from inside and outside with an accordion-style window that fully opens to create a pass-through bar area - perfect for additional seating/eating area during large parties. There is a huge floored attic space above the laundry room and kitchen which provides a tremendous amount of storage space. It is easily accessible via pull-down stairs in the laundry room and has several lights to illuminate the area. Below the house is a large bodega (workspace/storage) complete with a workbench and a large number of shelves and storage hooks along the walls. Below the house is ample space for parking. Parking under the home allows you to go from your car to the house via the inside stairs and not be subjected to a Costa Rican rain shower. You can also close in the entire bottom area or just half to make additional living areas or workshop. The yard is fully landscaped and terraced with numerous flowers, bushes, and trees – some popular species include orange, banana, lime, avocado, and almond as well as several palms, rainbow eucalyptus, hibiscus, coral plants, passion fruit, and morning glory. There are several items being included with the home with a full-priced offer – Major appliances: Washer/Dryer, upright freezer, stove/oven, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, dishwasher Living room furniture: Large leather sectional and 4 tables King bedroom set: Headboard/foot-board, dresser and 2 nightstands (mattress does not convey) Patio furniture: Sofa, 2 chairs, ottoman, table 10 bar stools Full-sized grill with 2 propane tanks (all burner/grate components recently replaced) Several shelves/storage cabinets currently in the 2nd bedroom 3 dehumidifiers plumbed into the drainage system for easy use during the rainy season FULL ALBUM OF HIGH-RESOLUTION PICTURES IN LINK BELOW:
  3. Costa Rica retirement bound 2023!!!...Any advice would be appreciated.

  4. If 'someone' has provided information on the property, leading to a sale, the law says that this person is legally entitled to be paid a 5% 'commission.'
  5. JCP, This is critically important advice from David. Do not ever use the seller's attorney; you want your own attorney who's working for YOU! And still, you do need to thoroughly vet any attorney whom you intend to use. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
  6. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules about the transaction fees, taxes, etc. A practical approach would be to get your attorney, not theirs, to give you a firm estimate of what all the costs will be to sell/buy the property in question. Then you can negotiate an arrangement with the other party.
  7. If there is no realtor involved what fees does the seller pay other than attorney fees? What is the common percentage for attorney fees for the seller?
  8. When I asked 1) Is there anyway to avoid / reduce this tax burden .... I of course mean the Legal and legitimate way of avoiding Tax burden - I am not looking for advise to do anything illegal or immoral. Naturally like all good upright citizens I fully accept that Tax Evasion is wrong, illegal and immoral. mbtico
  9. I am a long term lurker on the board and have learned a great deal about CR here. As plans to retire to CR have evaporated for various reasons I am now getting ready to sell a plot of land in Guanacaste which I have owned for over 20 years. To my horror I have just learned that a Capital Gains Tax regime (15%) comes into effect in July this year. The amount of tax would be retained by the buyer from selling price and paid over to the government !! I am unable to find much information about what happens when I sell up either before July or more likely after July this year. I did see some reference to a transition arrangement whereby gains on assets owned before July 2019 could be exempt or pay only 2.5 %. Any such Tax My question to the knowledgeable sharers of CR wisdom is as follows: 1) Is there anyway to avoid / reduce this tax burden ? Does anyone know how all those who own land today will be affected? 2) If indeed there is a transition arrangement of ‘only’ 2.5 % capital gains tax on assets owned before July 2019, is there any impact of the real estate market, I.e.is there a rush to buy / complete transactions before July ? Thanks to all share knowledge - empowering all. mbtico
  10. It looks to me that you are not leaving enough time for the other dog to get their required vaccines as needed to leave thr USA then enter Costa Rica.
  11. Hello everyone. My wife and I are in the process of moving to Costa Rica. We have two older, medium size dogs. The thought of having any sorta of issues with them being cargo on a flight was something that we are not willing to let happen. So, we have managed to figure out funds for booking a charter flight out of Miami-Opa locka Executive (OPF) - Miami International Airport. We have room left for one person and one medium size dog or possibly two people with minimal luggage. The flight will be leaving the morning of February 18th. We are looking for someone to share the cost with. Serious inquiries only, please. Thank you. Buddy
  12. Hi, Newman. Hope things are going well for you. I have to say, when I first read the title of this post, I imagined property with 10,000 electric meters. Haha. Good luck and hope you get a quick sale!
  13. house for sale in orotina on 10,000 square meters , must see reply to villamarina2018@hotmail.com $500,000 negotiable
  14. Thanks, Paul. I'm tempted to say "Aw, shucks" and dig my toe in the floor, but because I am all grown up, I will refrain. Glad you are enjoying the reading. I figured an old Florida hand like you would like reading about "old" Florida! 😊
  15. Hey! This is a really nice book, Eleanor. Not sure why you waited so long to publish it. I started reading it last night and am enjoying it a lot. Back in the mid-70s I visited Cedar Key with a Tampa friend who was an avid birder to go birding with her and saw the village before the gentrification you mention had begun. From my experience on that long ago visit it is plain to me why you liked it so much. It was truly a quaint comfy place back then. Paul M. ==
  16. Letting everyone know that my book "Clam Queen to Bijagua Gringa" is now available as a Kindle book on Amazon. It's the story of life in a tiny fishing village on the west coast of Florida and my move to Costa Rica and my early life here. I arrived in Cedar Key, Florida in 1985 and found it to be a place I wanted to live. Full of eccentric characters, artists and fishermen, it was an isolated village, 4 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. But over time, it became "gentrified" and lost most of what made it so attractive to me. Spending a vacation in Costa Rica got me thinking about a "new life" and after several trips, I bought a 3-hectare "parcela" and thus began my life in Costa Rica where I have lived ever since 2002. Lots of Costa Rican adventures but no "gory details" of legalities or anything like that. Just all of my wonderful (and a few awful) experiences. Pura Vida!
  17. Hi. We have two horses for sale near San Isidro. We have a 9 year old registered sorrel quarter horse mare and an older (20+ years) unregistered bay quarter horse gelding. The mare is trained for barrels and the is 15.2 hands. Beautiful and well behaved. The gelding was a trail horse and is in good health. He would be great with kids and is easy to ride with no bad habits. We would prefer they go together as they have been field buddies for several years. Please reply if you have questions.
  18. SW, this is all so weird... That link worked for me twice yesterday but today it isn't working and Wikipedia says 'no such page'. Feh! So I visited Wikipedia just now and did a search there for 'Vehicle Identification Number' and ''lo, the same page that I got when the link was working yesterday came up. So I copied the URL in the address field and here it is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_identification_number That should work for you. Finger X-ed! Paul M. ==
  19. Well, when I clicked on that supposedly working link, it did not work. I got a message that clearly stated there was no such link, or entry, or whatever.
  20. Maybe.... "that link does not work for me." Because in the post just prior to yours, I clearly indicated that it, indeed, does work.
  21. I was able to access it earlier by clicking on it and again just now after reading your post STW. It could maybe have just been a glitch caused by your browser. Try again later or use a different browser. Fingers X-ed! Paul M. ==
  22. That's amazing, drareg! So much information! Thanks for putting that up.
  23. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_identification_number Stinky linky in previous post
  24. For anyone that wants/needs to know the country of origin of any vehicle, it's right there as the first 1 to 3 digits of the VIN. It's easy to know if that Toyota Hilux is built in Japan or Thailand, or that Hyundai i20 is built in Korea or India. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_Identification_Numbers_(VIN_codes)/World_Manufacturer_Identifier_(WMI)
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