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Forbes top 15 retirement locations abroad

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I'm not quite sure what sort of criteria Forbes used for a country to make their list. I do agree that all of the places are nice but Belgium, France & Italy? If I could afford to live in any of those countries I probably would have stayed in the US. Australia, New Zealand, India and Thailand are just too far away for me. If I want a dose of Aussie I can visit my nephew. His wife is from Sydney. Costa Rica is still at the top of my list!

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Yeah who knows how they came up with those places. I obviously haven't done too much research on places to retire (I'm in my mid-20s) but I do think we'd like to come back to CR. Well, if CR hasn't changed for the "worse" in the next 50 years or so (by that I mean price, cost of living, livability, crime, etc)

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Not to worry about Australia, New Zealand and even Canada. When we were looking in 2005, none of those would even consider extending legal residency to retirees. They're not willing to take on the liabilities for their social welfare systems.

You have to buy your way into Canada. At least that is what the hoards from Hong Kong did before it was returned to China. At that time I think it was something like $250k. No telling what it costs now, if such a thing is still offered. So many took the offer that my friends from Canada started calling Vancouver "Hongcouver".

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