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No Privacy in ARCR messaging

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SumItUp    0

I was sending messages with another member of the message board and a third party replied to the message and let us know they received a copy of our correspondence.


I would like an explanation.



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TicoGrande    0

Let's be real clear here:


First, there is NEVER any privacy on ANY forum of any nature anywhere in the world regardless of what any forum owner states.


Forum Administrators, moderators, and ALL server owners where the forums are hosted certainly can read whatever is transmitted. So can ANY router owner en route between you and the other person. So can just about anyone above a certain level at a data center.


Do we/they? Hell no. We all have lives and it is doubtful anyone is going to write anything we are interested in as we have received it all already in our emails.


This is not just forums! This also applies to email (whether encrypted or not). In fact, let's broaden this a bit more.


There is NO privacy on the Internet at all and to think there is is delusional. Even the NSA has been hacked as has the Pentagon, the white house, a zillion cellphones belonging to the famous and infamous, nearly anyone who uses WIFI without a VPN can have their typing read by anyone with a "sniffer". Think about that next time you are in a Starbucks or any place offering free WIFI.


Those "encryption" programs? NSA's computers can decode them in under a fraction of a nanosecond though they may help against an unsophisticated hacker. Think your BlackBerry is safe?


In reality, nobody reads all that stuff (except maybe the NSA), because nobody has the resources, time, or interest in reading the billions ( 2.5 billion per day excluding SPAM) much less the thousnds or Cray Supercomputers required to handle the info. Even the NSA does not "read" the mail but rather looks for words or combinations that indicate a potential threat before a human can even get access. All these folks who lately have been so concerned about the Snowden thing really have not a clue. The Echelon System has been in place since the late 80's and very little escapes that baby. Do a web search on The Echelon System and get surprised. There IS NO privacy. Snowden's stuff was interesting, but hardly important compared to the bigger picture.


I might mention that business email is a far different matter as the Chinese and 1-2 other countries spend enormous quantities of time and money to access/hack/read business emails (recall the Google thing last year?) to obtain business secrets, etc. My servers in Florida and Virgina are attacked about 4,000 times per hour just from China and this number can run much higher. It is a major factor in protecting my clients and their emails.


Interesting to note... The US government STILL does not take the cyber threats seriously... this will soon be a costly error imo. The war on terror has and is shifting to the virtual world.


Examples? Anyone read anything lately about Target? Think those were US high school kids? Try the Eastern Block countries.


Scary? Wait until the word spreads about CryptoLocker. (Another good one to Google) Better read about that one now, especially if you have anything of value on your Windows (for now) computer. Now I wonder where that $$$ goes.


Now that I have addressed the overall issue of net security... I'll address your claim about privacy here.


The only way some other person got your PM is if you sent it to them (i.e. a copy) directly or inadvertently or the person you sent it to forwarded it to the third party. Period.


There is nothing in our system that allows a third party to get a PM directed properly to another Member. There are hundreds if not thousands of PM's exchanged monthly.


As for if your PMs are private? Read the above carefully. There is no privacy on the Internet, but saying that, I can assure you that the owner, admins and moderators have far better things to do than read anyone's PMs.



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