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I never thought the residency process for any country could be more frustrating than that of Costa Rica.


But I was wrong.


I have now been waiting nine full months for just PETITION APPROVAL for my husband's spouse visa. I contacted my congressman for the ump-teenth time and I get a reply that they're waiting for a reply to an RFE (request for more evidence).


Well I'm pissed because how can they possibly believe that our relationship isn't real when we've BEEN LIVING TOGETHER FOR THREE YEARS AND I LIVE IN HIS COUNTRY NOW. But I also have no notice of this RFE so I call US immigration today.


Turns out the RFE was "requested" on my case a MONTH AGO but they haven't sent out the notice yet.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! My case has been sitting around for A MONTH waiting for a reply to an RFE they NEVER SENT.


So perhaps it's true. Perhaps Costa Rica migracion is no the most incompetent, ignorant, useless, lazy pieces of s*** on the planet.

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I worked for the Immigration Service for many years. Marriage fraud is rampant and is constantly scrutinized.50-60% of illegal aliens are overstays. Contacting your congressman will shine light on the application but really not hurry it up. I will give you some hints from someone that has worked there. Be polite and courteous- they are holding all the cards. If he are applying as a non immigrant (visitor) you need to show that you will be returning to Costa Rica. This includes have property, etc that will bring you back and not overstay. If you are having him apply as an immigrant (I-130) you really need to show the close relationship between you and him and that he will not go on public assistance or that he is a criminal, etc. If you need more info contact me by PB and I will try to help


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Thanks for the reply. I am always nice to the people I speak with, until yesterday where I sort of flipped out a little.


We are applying for an immigrant visa. I sent in LOADS of evidence, including: two shared leases (one is current), shared bank accounts, various receipts of joint payment throughout the years, letters exchanged, pictures of us with each other's families and both families together, wedding program and invite, etc. We have been living together for almost 3 years in two different countries. The fact they would think that is a sham marriage is beyond me.


I do know contacting my congressman, senator and ombudsman will do nothing to help my case. But what else am I to do? Sit around like a good puppy and wait for my case to be magically approved? No. I have contacted these people many times and I will continue to do so at least once a month until my case is approved. Because the system is broken and they need to know how it is affecting good, decent people who are trying to immigrate legally into the country. And if I hadn't contacted my congressman for the fourth time I would have never found out about this mysterious RFE that was applied to my case but they never informed me. My best advocate is myself. And I will continue to raise hell until I am out of this hopelessly ridiculous and frustrating process.

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Lucybelle, I think you're not making enough of a pest of yourself. If contacting them once a month hasn't helped, why keep doing it? Why not contact them once a week? And if that doesn't help, contact them every day. Or morning, noon and night. Each time you contact them, tell them when they'll be hearing from you again and stick to it.


Too, if you are able to break through to an actual human being, ask immediately to speak to his or her supervisor. If they're in a meeting, ask to be put on Hold. If they decline, call back and ask again. And again. And again.


Then ask for an appointment to talk to whomever makes the actual decision.


The point is to make this process more uncomfortable for them than it is for you (and to deprive them of some sleep while you're at it). Misery loves company.

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So just to update and vent some more- my mom got my RFE in the mail today, oh two months after it was requested. It says that my marriage certificate does not say it was registered and I need to send in one that says it was registered.


On my marriage certificate at the top there is a date/time stamp of when it was registered. The ####ers just didn't look hard enough.


Now I get to spend $60 to DHL a piece of paper to the USA that THEY ALREADY HAVE AND JUST DIDN'T READ!!!!




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