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Why do I want to retire to Costa Rica?

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I'm actually looking forward to a little chilly weather. I'll be going up to NC for just 5 days in a few weeks. It won't be Canada cold, but it sure will be colder than CR! Just yesterday we went up to Tiquicia (on the mountain) and I was FREEZING! Just 2.5 years in CR and I don't know how I'll survive real winters again :lol:

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I know perfectly well what you mean, Lucy! Took me about a year (prolly less) to fully thaw out while staying long-term in CR after I got my residency.


When I go back to Tampa and it drops below 60F I really feel the cold now, so I put on a jacket over a long sleeved shirt to keep warm when I go out. At night when it is cold outside (even with my heat on) the house feels chilly to me so I have taken to adding on a sweatshirt to sleep in.


So just bundle up well and drink hot liquids and you should be OK if it gets real cold while you're there.


Safe trip . . .


Paul M.


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