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Can ARCR help a UK resident open a CR bank account?

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Ben_from_uk    0



Having visited CR for a month and loving it I am just wondering if ARCR can assist a UK resident with opening a CR bank account?


During my month of travelling I used credit cards in ATM machines to withdraw cash. However, i do not see this as a long term solution for fear of an ATM swalling my card. Its a 22 hour journey back to the UK for a new card !


I have searched the forums but there doesnt seem to be a great deal of info (that i could find at least).


Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance



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Epicatt2    0



Yes, if you were a member of ARCR I'm sure they'd be able to help you with setting up a bank account.


Also just a word to the wise, I have used my debit card from my Credit Union in Florida while in CR for over ten years now and I only lost it once in an ATM. If that happens to you it is important to go into the bank IMMEDIATELY-DON'T WAIT (If it happens on a weekend or on a holiday then GO TO THE BANK ON THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY) and report that the machine took your card. If don't go in asap the bank will very shortly (usually within 24 hours!) shred your card. You cannot wait around to do this. Again, when this happens if the bank is closed you would be very wise to be there the first thing next morning, right when their doors open.


Ask the bank employee/helper at the door or the receptionist as you enter the bank where to go to retrieve your card. There is usually an office in the bank where that is taken care of.




Paul M.


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